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What About Some Sports With a Balance Wheelchair

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Balance Wheelchair

Balance Sport Wheelchair becomes the winner of International Design Excellence Award 08, in Medical and Scientific Concerts Category. This wheelchair allows good balance when doing sports and gives an opportunity to elderly wheelchair users to get some exercise.

While observing a wheelchair basketball scrimmage, it became apparent to the designers that hands have two primary roles in the game: propelling, turning or stopping the player's own chair and shooting, passing, dribbling, stealing and blocking.

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The hands-free braking and turning system of the Balance Sport Wheelchair allows athletes to maintain control of their wheelchair without using their hands, which are then available for dribbling, shooting and passing. When the athlete leans to the left or right, the chair turns accordingly. In order to slow and stop, the athlete simply leans back.

“I imagine in subsequent years, there will be a single product that all of the IDEA jurors will stop to really notice and enjoy. This year the Balance Sport Wheelchair, even as a prototype, caught everyone’s attention with its natural human-mechanical fit.”

Rob Tannen, IDSA, Director of Research, Bresslergroup