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Avoid Injury With AliMed Slow Deflate Exerball

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AliMed Slow Deflate Exerball

AliMed introduces a safer exercise ball. Traditional exercise balls explosively deflate if punctured. The puncture rips open and the air rushes out at once.

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This rapid deflation can lead to serious injury.

The AliMed Slow Deflate Exerball, if punctured, will not rip open - the air slowly leaks out, assuring a safe landing. This slow deflation allows the patient time to safely dismount, making it the safest product possible. Constructed of heavy-duty vinyl, the Slow Deflate Exerball will not puncture easily and has a 600-lb. static weight capacity. It’s ribbed design helps make the ball slip-resistant. Choose from four different sizes based on user’s height. Includes two plugs and free manual inflation pump.

Marge Donovan, PT and AliMed’s Orthopedic Product Manager said, “Switching to slow deflate exercise balls is an easy way to create a safer environment. Not only do they reduce risk of injury to your patient, but also your staff”.