Managing Diabetes Over Holidays

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Managing diabetes successfully depends in large part on personal lifestyle choices, and online education is making that easier this holiday season. Health centers across the nation are providing education to health professionals and their patients with Mediasite by Sonic Foundry, Inc. (Nasdaq: SOFO), the recognized market leader for rich media webcasting and knowledge management.

"We want to make sure people are getting the correct information and know that educational resources are available if they need individual care and Mediasite is part of how we do that," said Jean Kostak, M.S., R.D., CD-N, C.D.E., a diabetes education specialist at the University of Connecticut Health Center. Anyone can now access such information through a quick online search of the Mediasite presentation catalog for the UConn Health Center's Celebrate Women program.

In her presentation, "Managing Diabetes Around the Holidays," Kostak offers a number of easy tips for people with diabetes to maintain their normal blood glucose levels over the holiday season, including:


* bring a favorite healthy appetizer to a holiday party
* while baking, substitute a mix of applesauce and margarine for butter
* give away the leftovers to avoid a "never-ending holiday"
* make time to exercise - and take the cold weather into account

"During the holiday season, there are more opportunities to get away from meal plans. Only the patients can control their own lifestyle changes, and people who do get educated about their illness are better able to manage it," Kostak says.

At the University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio, diabetes education is also streamed online. The center webcasted all sessions of its recent school health conference, including presentations on child obesity and diabetes risk factors. The knowledge presented is now publicly available via the University's Mediasite catalog for physicians to reference after the event.

"The UConn Health Center and the University of Texas Health Sciences center are part of a growing movement among our Mediasite customers to embrace new approaches to sharing medical information and reach new audiences. We are proud to be their partners in providing online communication tools for medical education that hold the potential to truly transform the quality of healthcare," said Sonic Foundry president and CEO Rimas Buinevicius.

Since its introduction in 2003, Sonic Foundry's Mediasite has set the standard as a transformational communication medium for delivering critical information and sharing knowledge. The patented Mediasite webcasting and content management system quickly and cost-effectively automates the capture, management, delivery and search of rich media presentations that combine audio, video and accompanying graphics for live or on-demand viewing.