World Ranked Triathlete Launches Fitness Fashion

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Vai Fitness Fashion

Silvia Giamanco, a native of Brazil and world ranked triathlete, has launched a Brazilian fitness attire line in San Diego. A long time personal trainer and owner of Vai Fitness and Spa ( , Silvia wanted to bring the sexiness, style, and boldness of her country’s flair into fitness attire that is breathable, functional, and fun.

If you have any upcoming fitness-geared photo shoots, Silvia would love to give you whatever clothes you would like. Also, if you’re up to writing a little blurb about her new line of the clothing, she’d be thrilled for that, too.

As for why Silvia’s designs are anything to talk about, let me share the following:


*Authentic-Silvia has spent countless weeks in Brazil meeting, designing, and managing the production of the clothing line. Everything, from the labor to fabric, is from Brazil

*Distinct-Silvia’s clothes reflect a distinct Brazil influence-her designs are bright (a fashion trend this year), sexy, and high end

*Size minded-unlike other fitness attire, Silvia’s clothing is sized. On size DOES not fit all

*New but tested-this is Silvia’s first major produced line of clothes. She’s made several items before and has trained in them, testing the durability and designs.

Owner/Operator, Silvia Giamanco’s fitness career started in Brazil twelve years ago as a fitness instructor and professional Triathlete. Silvia participated in five world triathalon championships and was ranked 26th of all female athletes in the New Zealand finals. Silvia now dedicates herself full time to her passion for helping people reach their fitness goals and changing their lives in the process. She has organized a team of fitness and wellness professionals to meet a range of needs for her clients.