Top Strength Exercises For Your Best Summer Beach Body

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As summer quickly approaches, many of us are scrambling to find a workout regimen that will get us the fastest results so we can look good by Memorial Day. The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) polled their member database -- nearly 100,000 personal trainers and health professionals strong -- their survey recommended trying the following exercises for each body part to get your best summer beach body:

1. Chest: incline and decline dumbbell presses

2. Back: seated lat rows

3. Lower Back: reverse hypers

4. Abs: v-up super sets with bicycle crunches

5. Legs and Glutes: squats and lunges

6. Shoulders: seated front dumbbell presses


7. Arms: seated dumbbell curls/standing triceps press

8. Combination Move: dumbbell clean and press or walking lunges

A few effective cardio interval exercises to mix-up your aerobic routine include: starburst jumps, step-ups, climbing stairs and jumping rope.

The secret is to be sure to start this today! If you really want to see a difference, you need to give yourself at least six weeks to start seeing results. Seek out a qualified, certified personal trainer to personalize your program and demonstrate how to correctly perform each exercise to maximize your results.

In addition to toning and defining muscles from head-to-toe, Patrick Gamboa, Vice President of Education for the ISSA, says "a realistic, safe, and healthy expectation of what can be achieved with this strength and interval combination routine is a two- to three- pound body fat reduction per week." For a start, Patrick recommends performing a minimum of:

* 1-2 sets

* 8-12 repetitions

* 2-3 times per week.