Older Women Should Exercise, Eat Protein To Preserve Muscle

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Older women loose more muscle mass than men and they need regular exercising and protein eating to preserve muscle.

A joint team of researchers from University of Nottingham in the UK and Washington University School of Medicine in the US examined 29 men and women aged from 65 to 80. Previous studies showed a little difference between muscular mass of sexes. This is the first research to show significant difference in ways how aging affect muscles.


Study participants were taking protein rich food and exercising regularly. By the end of study female participants had less developed muscles compared to male participants.

Both men and women at age of 50 start losing 0.4% of muscle mass each year. Women appear to loose more after menopause. This is because of hormonal changes taking place in women's body. Oestrogen is the main hormone responsible for bone and muscle mass development. Menopause causes significant decline of this hormone, causing great muscle loss.

Weakened muscles are making older people less mobile and easy to fall. According to the statistics, women are more likely to suffer from falls than men. They usually have less muscle mass and more fatty mass. Besides, half of older people who fall die within two years because of injuries. Exercising and protein rich food can play a key role in preventing fall injuries.

This is why older people, especially women, are highly advised to eat more protein rich food, such as meat and egg, to ease muscle developing process. They need regular exercising to keep up the shape and be healthy.