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Tips On How To Take Kiddies To Grandma's

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Tips On How To Take Kiddies To Grandma's

Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother's house we go! Or on the interstate ... the friendly skies ... you get the picture.

Yes, it's time for the annual holiday trip to visit loved ones. Whether you're a newbie when it comes to traveling with kids or a seasoned pro, Lori Polakowski, a former flight attendant and individual family services coordinator with Beaumont's Parenting program, offers these tips.


* Pack only what you need for the trip. You can buy diapers and wipes at your destination, and rent larger items.

* Tote a handy set of clothes in case of spills. Have a spare shirt for you as well, in case baby spits up. Change children into their "Sunday best" on arrival.

* Keep your child's mealtimes and bedtimes the same whenever possible.

Fly the Friendly Skies:

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* Give baby a bottle during take off and landing if he's awake. Swallowing will help ease ear pressure and prevent pain. A crying baby's widely opened mouth may also help ease pressure. Chewing gum may help get older children to swallow.

* Check as much luggage as possible. Keep a stroller to push baby or a young child through the airport. Gate check the stroller if available.

* Book the first flight in the morning. These flights are more likely to leave on time as they have been sitting at the airport all night. Flight crews are also more refreshed in the morning.

* Do not feel like you are restricted to your seat. You are free to walk your baby up and down the aisle as soon as the seatbelt light goes off. Standing in the back of the airplane is also a good option, as your baby may feel soothed by the white noise of the engines.

* Consider buying some "gifts" for toddlers to open and play with. Inexpensive items are great! Just getting something new and wrapped will provide entertainment.

Road Warriors:

* Stop and stretch every few hours when traveling long distances.

* Travel at night or in the early morning if baby sleeps well in the car. Be sure you're not sleepy too!

* Never leave your baby in the car unattended, even if the doors are locked. Not even for a second!