SWIPN Promotes Safe Physical Activity

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In order to be safe, you have to be seen. That’s the advice the Southwest Injury Prevention Network (SWIPN) are urging walkers, runners, cyclists and others to follow when they use roadways to keep physically active in the coming months. With spring in the air and summer right around the corner, SWIPN launched its Be Safe Be Seen campaign this week.

"The return of the warmer weather draws people outside and encourages them to get moving and active. We want to make sure they are able to continue those activities for years to come," says Joyce Castanza, Public Health Nurse at the Middlesex-London Health Unit and a member of SWIPN. "Wearing the right clothing and having the proper safety equipment ensures that drivers are able to see you while you are out there enjoying the beautiful weather and the benefits of physical activity."


The most common risk for those who use streets and roads for exercize is being struck by motor vehicles. Since 2004, London Health Sciences Centre has treated more than 150 people for severe injuries that occurred while people were walking to work, playing with friends or biking on city streets.

To help reduce this risk, SWIPN is calling on residents to take the necessary steps to make themselves more visible to motorists. In order to Be Safe Be Seen, wear light or brightly coloured clothing or clothing that includes reflective material; use the appropriate lights and reflectors when cycling and making eye contact with drivers when crossing busy streets. It is also essential to wear the appropriate safety gear, including a helmet, when you are cycling or rollerblading.

The Be Safe Be Seen campaign continues through the summer and will be supported by a marketing campaign that aims to raise awareness about the steps that can be taken to keep individuals and their families safe while being active.

The South West Injury Prevention Network (SWIPN) is a collaboration of community partners, including the Middlesex-London Health Unit, dedicated to preventing injuries. SWIPN has developed campaigns designed to raise awareness for safe and healthy activities, including commuting and physical activity.