Insure Oklahoma To Include More Small Businesses, College Students

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The Oklahoma Health Care Authority around March 1 will expand eligibility in the Insure Oklahoma program to include more businesses and some college students, according to Cindy Roberts, director of program integrity and planning, the Oklahoman reports.

Under the program, the state pays a portion of the cost for businesses with 50 or fewer employees to provide health insurance for workers. Under the expansion, businesses with 99 or fewer employees will be eligible for the program.


Full-time college students between ages 19 and 22 in families with incomes of up to 200% of the federal poverty level also will be eligible. State lawmakers in 2007 approved an expansion to include businesses with 250 or fewer employees and full-time college students, but OHCA had to wait for approval from CMS, which granted approval last week.

Under the expansion, businesses with 99 or fewer employees will initially be phased into the program, according to Roberts. The program's enrollment is capped at 25,000 individuals, which might mean enrollment could become limited. Currently, there are 10,700 individuals enrolled. According to the Oklahoman, there are about 2,770 businesses in the state that employ between 50 and 99 workers. Meanwhile, the program is limited to 3,000 college students.

Students' premiums would be based on a sliding scale but would average about $36 monthly (Simpson, Oklahoman, 1/9).

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