Illinois Highlights Young Adult Dependent Health Insurance Option

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The Illinois Department of Insurance highlighted the new Young Adult Dependent Coverage Law, effective June 1st, that allows dependent young adults up to age 26—and age 30 for military veterans—to be added to a parent’s health insurance coverage.

“Young adults, working through college or even with steady employment, often lack access to health insurance. This coverage option offers families a fair alternative, ultimately improving the long-term health and financial security of our young adults,” said Michael T. McRaith, Director of the Illinois Department of Insurance.

The new law permits unmarried young adults to remain on or be added to their parents’ health insurance plans up to age 26, or up to age 30 for military veterans.



Health insurance policies and HMO contracts that offer dependent coverage must include unmarried young adults up to age 26, or age 30 for military veterans, and regardless of the young adult’s enrollment in an educational institution.


All policies must offer an initial 90-day enrollment period to eligible dependents. New policies issued after June 1, 2009, must provide the initial 90-day enrollment period immediately upon issuance or delivery. For existing policies, the initial enrollment period will vary depending on the date the policy is issued, amended or renewed.

Pre-existing conditions

For group policies, dependents added during the initial 90-day enrollment, annual enrollment, or special enrollment periods may not be declined coverage due to health status.

For parents seeking to purchase an individual policy, the parent must first meet the insurance company’s underwriting guidelines in order to receive an offer of coverage. If the individual policy provides dependent coverage, eligible dependents must be offered coverage regardless of health status.