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Thousands Of Florida Children Dropped From KidCare

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Thousands of children in Florida's KidCare program over the past five months may have been improperly dropped from the program's rolls because of a glitch in the state's computer system, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reports. According to the News-Journal, Rich Robleto -- executive director of Florida Healthy Kids, which administers KidCare -- said 62,500 children left the program or were terminated from May to October, about 25,000 more than normal.

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Child advocates and officials with Florida Healthy Kids said that notices to some families about premium due dates or enrollment renewal were sent late or not at all. In other cases, letters were not properly sent to inform parents that additional documentation was required to maintain coverage. Robleto said that some of the enrollment data may not have transferred properly when the new system was put in place in May. Robleto said eventually, the new system will "significantly improve service."

Florida Healthy Kids officials have started contacting the families of all 62,500 children, although it is unknown how many children were affected by the problem. The Florida Healthy Kids board recently reinstated some of the policies effective Nov. 1, for at least 30 days, until staff can determine that the cancellations were not caused by the computer problem, Robleto said (Circelli, Daytona Beach News-Journal, 11/5).

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Since my son turned 1 on May 1, 2007 I have been trying unsuccessfully to have him added to my already existing kidcare policy that my older two children are on. Kidcare has denied him 3 times and now ignores my applications all together. At first he was denied stating "non-qualifing citizen" even though he was born in Gainesville Florida and his social security number was submited w/ the application. Then they denied him and said he had to be on medicaid, which is false because my husband makes too much money, but they sent it to medicaid anyway and ultimately he was denied. The third and final time that Kidcare denied him, I received a letter saying I did not turn in the info requested, when in fact I had sent in the information 3 times during the year of 2008. Now, kidcare does not even respond to my applications to have him added to the account. About a month ago I received a letter congratulating my two older children, stating they had been approved for kidcare..... my two older children have been on kidcare for 2 years and no application had been filed on them, but the letter made no mention of my baby. I am at a complete loss as to what I should do. The kidcare phone number no longer connects w/ a person, it takes you through a long series of automated service and then disconnects. I pay the premium every month with out fail, I send in form after form... usually the same form over and over again. I am near the point of just giving up. There is a serious breakdown somewhere in the system. It is sad when hard working people such as myself and my husband can't get help w/ health insurance but those who don't work and don't even try can get help with everything from Cash assistance to Healtcare.
I was on the phone today for almost 2 hours trying to get a live person and when i did she was VERY, VERY RUDE. THIS IS NOT FAIR TO HARD WORKING PEOPLE AND THE PEOPLE THAT GET MEDICAID DONT EVEN TAKE THEIR KIDS TO THE DENTIST OR A DOCTOR. I have thought about paying for the dental appt. out of my pocket which may be over $200 just for check up and cleaning,. There is a limited number odf dentist that are taking new patients that is ridiculous. The inmates in the prison system get more medical help than the law abiding citizens. THAT IS NOT RIght AT ALL. SO what do you, I will more than likely put them on my dental insurance at my job. it will have to adjust my budget but at least m boys will get the dental care they need. The state of Florida always manages to mockery of itself. i hope that this blog will help the florida kidcare system do better ans help another hard working parent.