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Free, Low-Cost Health Insurance Includes All Rockland County Children

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As health care coverage becomes an increasing concern for many working families, the Child Health Plus program has been expanded from 250-percent of the federal poverty level (FPL) to 400-percent of the FPL making comprehensive, affordable coverage accessible for all uninsured children in Rockland County.

This expansion allows all uninsured children to enroll in coverage by offering a graduated sliding fee scale for premiums making it more affordable for families to access coverage for their children. This expansion included a waiting period for children with family incomes above 250-percent of the FPL, which means that children who have access to employer-sponsored coverage must be uninsured for six months before they can apply. Some select populations will be exempt from this waiting period. The Rockland County Health Department can help those uninsured children gain insurance through the Child Health Plus program regardless of income or immigration status.

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Adults aged 19-64 with limited income and resources might be eligible for free health insurance through a program called Family Health Plus. Single childless adults including College students with monthly income under $903 per month will qualify for free medical coverage through the Family Health Plus.

These programs, funded through the State of New York and administered through the Rockland County Health Department, are intended to make quality health insurance affordable for all New Yorkers.

Child Health Plus & Family Health Plus covers:

• Regular medical checkups
• Immunizations
• Dental visits
• Eye exams/eyeglasses
• Prescription drugs
• Laboratory tests
• Hospital
• Dental care and more.