Mediterranean Diet: Perfect Solution For Holiday Pounds

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All the latest nutritional studies confirm that the best way to eat well and to keep in shape is to follow the Mediterranean diet. The authentic Mediterranean diet that combines taste, flavor and traditional, genuine cuisine while keeping top of mind the best possible physical wellbeing, is the Italian diet. was created in order to spread the word of the true Mediterranean diet and adjusting it to fit the specific nutritional needs and eating habits of each individual.


Users of can put together their own daily menu by choosing from more than 3,000 different combinations, taking into account their physical characteristics and their personal preferences, in terms of food. The "customized menu" is drawn up based on the information supplied by the user (physique, eating habits, activities performed) and utilizing pre-established filters, together with a database containing all the possible variations. The menu is calculated on a weekly basis, meaning that each diet is distributed over 7 days' time (menus vary daily).

Every 7 days the user's weight is evaluated, based on the information that he or she supplies, after which the menu can be adjusted, if necessary.

Finally, at the end of the diet plan, once the weight objective has been reached, instructions can be obtained for a balanced weight maintenance program.


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