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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Is Not Just For Athletes, But Inactive Adults Too!

High Intensity Interval Training is for everyone say study

A new study shows that High Intensity Interval Training is not just for athletes, but is also recommended for relatively inactive adults too as a great way to increase fitness, build stamina and lose weight.

Will The Quarantine 15 Become The Quarantine 30 by Christmas? What to Do About It Right Now!

Workout Tips If You Are In a Competition To Lose Weight

Workout Exercise for weight loss competition

Weight loss competitions like the Biggest Loser are becoming very popular. I know a workplace where the staff members have a chart and each puts down 25 dollars and they compete to lose weigh by a specific date. However, it looks like friends do that too. Today in one of the largest weight loss groups on Facebook I read this message: "Me and my boyfriend are having a competition on who can loose more weight before February. I am in need of workout tips."

Autism and Sports: Making this Sports Season a Successful One

Autism and sports

Playing extracurricular sports is a great experience for any child, but what do you do when your child has Autism and wants to play a sport? You let them is what you do! You must prepare in many ways for it though. Both with your child, your child’s doctor and with the organization your child wants to play in; whether that be baseball, basketball, track, football, etc. Always make the adequate preparations before signing your child up.

Doing lots of exercise in older age can prevent the immune system from declining

Jaime Brenkus a Fitness Coach

Scientists say doing lots of exercise in older age not only prevents the elderly immune system from declining but also protects people against infections. Jaime Brenkus a Fitness Coach for Evergreen Wellness offers this article discussing the 8 moves of ageless energy and timeless health.

Which Winter Sports are The Most Beneficial

Beneficial Winter Sports

Today is the seventh day of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Since one of the main goals of the Olympics is to popularize physical activity, here we will discuss which winter sports are considered to be the best for one’s health. Check out the benefits of Skating, Curling and Snowboarding compared to skiing.

Dead Hang, Adductor Stretch All Part of 8 Simple Exercises for Better Mobility

Exercise for Mobility

As you probably well know, modern lifestyles aren’t conducive for a healthy body. Not only are they generally inactive, they also repeatedly place us in less than optimal positions for our muscles, joints, and bones. The first start is simply getting into a good exercise routine. This strengthens our muscles, improving our posture whilst reducing our risk of injury and pain.

Rethinking RICE: The Old Standard Method May Not Actually Be the Best Treatment for Acute Injuries

Sports injury RICE protocol

In my years working as a rehabilitation therapist, the standard treatment for acute musculoskeletal injuries was RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Without fail, we recommended this protocol to reduce inflammation and pain. Inflammation, we were taught, increases pain and delays healing. But a new school of thought may be turning the RICE protocol on its head.

Top 5 Fitness Trackers for Kids

Fitness trackers for kids

As parents, we all know that getting our kids off of the couch and away from their screens can be a difficult task. It’s easy for our kids to get caught up in video games and television, but we know that it’s important for kids to be active in order to stay healthy and fit, and to build habits that will last a lifetime. As wearable technology becomes more affordable, many parents are turning to wearable fitness trackers for their kids. We have gathered the best of the best for you, here in one post, so keep reading to find our recommendations for the top fitness trackers for kids.

Wake Up And Energize Plus 9 Other Key Benefits Of A Cold Shower

Cold shower for a horse

If you are like most people, you probably enjoy the comfort of a nice warm shower or bath. That’s great. There is nothing wrong with that. Waking up with a cold shower can in fact help energize you, inside and out, and bring other benefits making the temporary resistance worthwhile. Once you get use to it, using cold water even at just the end of the shower, can be a welcome experience with many felt benefits.

Why Early Sports Specialization is Harming Our Kids

Youth sports

There has been a trend lately of college programs offering scholarships to younger and younger kids. The Charlotte Observer ran an article today documenting the story of two young boys, aged 9 and 10 years, who have both been offered college football scholarships this month. These boys are committing to a program a decade from now, but at what cost? At nine years old, is it possible for a child to make a decision about his future? Because he has not yet even hit puberty, how can anyone say with certainty that he will even have the physical size and strength to play at the college level? And what is the cost to this child in specializing so young in one single sport?

Quick Tips to Build Muscle While Burning Fat

Building muscle while losing weight

Recently, I was reading through a Facebook debate on whether you could lose weight and build lean muscle simultaneously. It seems there is a common misconception that you have to do one before the other but I know I’m not taking time out of my morning to flop around in front of my TV, sweating to death (all while trying to keep my toddler busy) to not have visible results.

Get Toned Arms and Shoulders like Forbes Riley in just 5 Minutes a Day without Going to a Gym – Yes, really (video)

Forbes Riley on HSN with SpinGym

Forbes Riley® is perhaps best known as the queen of HSN (Home Shopping Network) and the $2 Billion Dollar Host, but she is also an award winning TV host, author, Inductee into the National Fitness Hall of Fame, motivational speaker, and host of www.ForbesFactor.com. Forbes is the Founder and CEO of SpinGym which she uses just five minutes a day without going to a gym and credits for her sexy, toned arms at age 57.