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Benefits of Garlic

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The extracts of Allium sativum bulb and compound preparation possess pharmacodynamic properties. The extract of garlic was found to have a significant protective action against a fat induced increase in serum cholesterol and plasma fibrinogen and in fibrinolytic activity.

Garlic is used as a carminative, aphrodisiac, expectorant, and stimulant.

Anticancer Actions:

Human population studies show that eating garlic regularly reduces the risk of esophageal, stomach, and colon cancer. This is partly due to garlic's ability to reduce the formation of carcinogenic compounds. Animal and test tube studies also show that garlic, and its sulfur compounds, inhibit the growth of different types of cancer-especially breast and skin tumors.

Circulatory Effects:

More than 250 publications have shown that garlic supports the cardiovascular system. It may lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood, inhibit platelet stickiness (aggregation), and increase fibrinolysis-which results in a slowing of blood coagulation. It is mildly antihypertensive and has antioxidant activity.

Antimicrobial Actions:

Garlic has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal activity' It may work against some intestinal parasites. Garlic appears to have roughly 1 % the strength of penicillin against certain types of bacteria. This means it is not a substitute for antibiotics, but it can be considered as a support against some bacterial infections. Candida albicans growth is inhibited by garlic, and garlic has shown long-term benefit for recurrent yeast infections.

High Blood Pressure:

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Garlic is regarded as one of the most effective remedies to lower blood pressure. The pressure and tension are reduced because it has the power to ease the spasm of the small arteries. It also slows the pulse and modifies the heart rhythm, besides relieving the symptoms of dizziness, shortness of breath and the formation of gas within the digestive track As these days garlic capsules are available with the chemist shops, the average dosage of two to three capsules a day to be given to make a dent in the blood pressure.

Digestive System Disorders:

Garlic is one of the most beneficial foods for the digestive system. It exercises a beneficial effect on the lymph, aids in elimination of noxious waste matter in the body. It stimulates peristaltic action and the secretion of the digestive juices. Crushed cloves of garlic may be infused in water or milk and taken for all types of disorders of the digestion. It has an antiseptic effect and is an excellent remedy for infectious diseases and inflammations of the stomach and intestine. The oil of garlic is absorbed into the alimentary tract and is eliminated partly through the urine.

Garlic produces a very marked effects on the intestine. It is an excellent agent as a worm expeller. It has also a soothing effect on the various forms of diarrhoea. Problems such as colitis, dysentery and many other intestinal upsets can be successfully treated with fresh garlic or garlic capsules One garlic capsule taken three times a day is usually sufficient to correct mild cases of diarrhoea or dysentery. For more persistent cases, upto six capsules a day can be taken. Garlic has the ability to destroy harmful bacteria in the intestines without affecting the beneficial organisms which aid digestion.

Skin Disorders:

Garlic has also been used successfully for a variety of skin disorders Pimples disappear without scar when rubbed with raw garlic several times a day. Even very persistent form of acne, suffered by some adults, has also been healed with garlic. The external use of garlic helps to clear the skin of spots and pimple, and boils. The process is further helped by taking the garlic orally also, to purify the blood-steam so as to secure a long term clearance of the skin. A regular course of three garlic capsules per day should help to clear minor skin infections quickly.

Whooping Cough:

Garlic is an excellent remedy for whooping cough. Syrup of garlic Should be given in doses of five drops to a teaspoonful two or three times a day in this condition. It should be given more often if the coughing spells are frequent and violent.


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is it safe to consume 400 mgs. of garlic capsules daily? thanks, Lisa
Your doctor should tell you the right dose for you. According to the University of Michigan Health System 600 to 900 mg of garlic extract each day can lower blood pressure, but it depends what you're treating and also very important to know if you're taking anything that garlic would interact with adversely.
When is the right time to consume a clove of raw garlic ? I am 22 years old male, take a clove of garlic before breakfast. Is it the right timing to take garlic?
yes it is... the right time. with the glass of water .. it helps the immune system and clears it nice specially in the morning. i take it too the same way.. i cut 1 clove in small pieces like tablets and then swallow them. i dont like the taste of it by chewing very much thats why.. very beneficial.. Hight blood pressure,Blood clots in arteries,Digestive reasons,Clearing ur system,Shortness of breath etc. best of luck
i eat one nott of garlic daily along with my meal,is itsafe to eat so many in day.
I had bloating in my stomach that probiotics and other natural suppls. could not get rid of. I ate a bunch of raw garlic with milk, so I wouldn't throw up. The next day my stomach was back to normal. I noticed that some itching I had had was also gone. I even got a warm/good feeling in my brain. So, I take raw garlic every day now. Chew as little as poss. You want it as whole as poss. in your stomach-works better. Deodorized garlic takes out the Allicin, the part you NEED. Take in as raw, as less chewed as poss. for max. benefits. It seems to be helping my swollen thyroid glands, GERD, & LPR! Digests my food faster too. My chronic low back pain is almost gone!
I guess you lost all your friends and family too!
it does wonders just ask my wife!!!!
how it helpfull to immune system?
I was to told that it is best to first boil the cloves of garlic to soften it up so that the digestive system can absorb the beneficial properties easier.
The garlic should be boiled first before consumed so that the digestive system is able to absorb it easier, because if not the garlic cloves are to hard to fully digest.
very interesting! and garlic is also helpul in managing high cholesterol levels.
very interesting!!! garlic is also helpful in managing high cholesterol levels.
Can I consume garlic softgels as opposed to the raw garlic and receive the same benefits? Codi
am using it to reduce my whight let c what happend shazia
is there such a thing as garlic overdose?
my brother is suffering from candida that he got from his wife.. if he they eat garlic everyday how many percentage they will be cure from candida?..
i am going through menopuse. i am having indigestion and acidity . can i take raw garlic early in the morning for this and also for my low backache? kindly reply
iam going through menopuse. iam having ingestion and acidity. can i take raw garlic early in the morning for this and also for my low backache?kindly reply
I don't think there is value in taking garlic raw for stomach problems you describe and backache. Your symptoms should be treated by a health care provider.
I eat one clove of garlic everyday with lunch and dinner.I have been doing this for a few months.I feel physically and mentally fit and very rarely I get colds or any other illnesses .
Garlic Works!
is it ok to cut up the clove into tiny pieces, boil it and refridgerate, then drink it morning and night time?
No anytime you apply heat to a vegetable, fruit etc, you alter the structure and kill the enzymes. eat it right away.
in asian countries like phil we buy garlic oil in capsule in groceries. its easier than taking it raw.
I did not know that garlic benefits skin. Amazing healthy way to have a better skin.
I eat 4 or 5 cloves of garlic a day, I'm so glad to read this and see its really doing my body some good! I almost never get sick and I haven't had a cold in over a year!! I used to get them several times a year. It's been like this ever since I got addicted to garlic it's soo tasty and now i know it must be what's helping me! I used to have bad digestive problems and an AWFUL immune system, and i no longer do. Cheers!
I have been eating three cloves of raw garlic the first thing in the morning for two months. Is it OK to consume raw garlic. I have been chewing them and then swallowing.
Hello im glad there is someone else' who likes raw garlic usually people are like eww or gross well anyway to the point u shouldn't eat it on empty stomach though because it burns and can eat through the skin of the stomach what my family does we eat it with lunch dinner whatever just as long as u eat it with something and better to do it later in the day the first thing u should consume is water!! Garlic is soo healthy for you Litteraly thats what keeps us immune during the winter never get sick:)
pls i heard galic capsules can help in weight loss. is it true??