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Medical Press Releases

This section of eMaxHealth.com provides provides press releases regarding medical studies, health research, medical technology as well as health education programs. This section also contains releases about health insurance companies and plans, hospitals and doctors, surgeons and healthcare providers. Read about the new developments in the medical world regarding new treatments and therapies. Contact us if you would like to have your press release published on eMaxHealth.com.

Cardiologists Reveal the Heart Healthiest Way to Brew Your Coffee

Filtered coffee is healthier than unfiltered coffee study says.

Past research has shown that unfiltered coffee contains compounds that can increase blood cholesterol. Until now, however, it was unknown if choosing unfiltered coffee over filtered coffee really does contribute to heart attacks and premature deaths. Here’s the answer after decades of data collection with a new follow-up study.

For those who suffer painful spinal fractures, balloon kyphoplasty may provide welcome relief

vertebral compression fractures due to Osteoporosis

Dawn, 58, enjoys walking on the beach and looking for seashells in her oceanfront community. It's a relaxing way to spend her precious free time between working two jobs — as a nurse at a skilled care nursing home and as a home health care provider.