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Fibromyalgia patient blames Essure on disease

Tamara Meyers believes her fibromyalgia was caused by Essure implants, and she continues to suffer years after her initial procedure. Meyers is not the first person to report pain and fibromyalgia after getting Essure. During a congressional briefing, Kim Hudak also shared the health problems that appeared after she had the procedure.

Fibromyalgia Sufferers and the Benefits of Exercise

Fibromyalgia and Exercise

While the benefits of exercise apply to everyone, fibromyalgia sufferers can especially benefit from its positive effects on stress, sleep quality, bone density, muscular strength, flexibility and overall improved health. An abundance of recent research shows that gradually easing into an aerobic, and eventually a strength-training program, can dramatically improve many of the common fibromyalgia symptoms. Unfortunately, many fibromyalgia sufferers start fitness programs, yet due to painful flares, they stop before they are able to enjoy the benefits. Fibromyalgia pain, like arthritis pain, can make the thought of exercising seem almost impossible.

Fibromyalgia patients turn to controversial kratom drug

The leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree are better known as kratom and have been used in traditional medicine. However, several countries have banned the controversial drug, and its use in the United States is being debated. Studies show that kratom is capable of opioid-like activity, and some fibromyalgia patients have been using it to fight chronic pain.

Fibromyalgia patients face long wait times for doctors’ appointments

There is a global problem affecting fibromyalgia patients who want to receive proper care from their doctors. In many cases, patients are facing long wait times for doctors’ appointments and tests. Karen Baker recently shared her own experience with a doctor’s appointment that turned into a scheduling nightmare.

Fibromyalgia patient discovers inaccessible parking spots

Fibromyalgia patient

A fibromyalgia patient was shocked to discover inaccessible parking spots at her school. Yolanda Aqui must use a cane because of her fibromyalgia and arthritis, but parking closer to the building helps her. However, the parking spots reserved for people with disabilities at Merivale High School, located in the Ottawa-Carleton District, were filled with snow.

Fibromyalgia patients kicked out because of service dogs

Fibromyalgia patients dog

Two unrelated fibromyalgia patients recently encountered problems in public places because of their service dogs. The patients, a woman in Connecticut and a woman in Texas, were told they could not have their dogs inside the buildings and were denied service. Both of these incidents are potential violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Police officer connects her fibromyalgia to Ground Zero

A former police officer believes her job at Ground Zero is connected to her fibromyalgia. Annmarie Sheldon was initially denied accidental disability retirement benefits, but she filed and won an appeal. Justice Rolando Acosta states that fibromyalgia should be considered a new onset disease for the World Trade Center presumption law.

Fibromyalgia patient blames traumatic operation on disease

Julie Sorrell-Wilde describes her past personality as hyperactive, but fibromyalgia has changed her in many ways. She believes there may be a connection between a traumatic operation she suffered 15 years ago and the development of the disease. Sorrell-Wilde started to notice problems a few months after the operation and struggled to get answers from doctors.

Fibromyalgia survey needs your help

The National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association has a new survey and needs more participants. The voluntary survey is anonymous, and results will be used to advocate better for patients suffering from chronic pain. The organization is concerned about how new government regulations for opioid medications are affecting fibromyalgia patients.

Fibromyalgia patient abandoned by hospital

Tony Smith feels his hospital abandoned him after canceling his regular pain treatments and refusing to reschedule them. Smith, who lives in the United Kingdom, believes Russells Hall Hospital acted inappropriately. The disabled senior citizen suffers from fibromyalgia, among other health problems, and he is going through withdrawal without his regular treatments.

Fibromyalgia disability discrimination claims from a lawyer’s perspective

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that often prevents people from being able to work. However, obtaining disability is a complicated process, and discrimination claims are a common problem. Attorney Bill Berger has provided his perspective and advice on this complex issue.

Fibromyalgia patients could benefit from new infrared workout clothes

One of the highlights of the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was wearable technology to help relieve pain. Now, another company is introducing wearable tech with promises to help weight loss, fight chronic pain and remove toxins. It is a controversial idea, but some fibromyalgia patients are already looking into it.

Fibromyalgia couple robbed of joy by local thieves

Lynne and Mike Wheeler suffer from multiple health problems, and their issues recently became worse from additional stress. The elderly couple was robbed in West Sussex, located in the south of the U.K., and their ability to participate in the only hobby that still brings them joy has been affected. The thieves stole all of their fishing equipment, and police are still searching for the suspects.

New metro ads focus on fibromyalgia and other invisible disabilities

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority is focusing on people with health problems and disabilities that may not be visible to others. A new group of ads has been created with help from the Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC) to remind people to leave seats open for others. It is a positive step for the people who use the metro in Washington D.C. and cannot find a seat despite their disability.

Fibromyalgia sufferer shares pain of ignorance

Many fibromyalgia sufferers have horror stories about visiting their doctors and attempting to get help for their chronic pain. Shelly Van Winkle recently shared her story as a fibromyalgia patient who spends an enormous amount of money on prescription drugs without finding relief. Her account echoes the problems often experienced by others with this condition.

NeuroMetrix promises fibromyalgia pain relief with Quell at CES

NeuroMetrix believes it has a solution that may help fibromyalgia patients fight chronic pain. At the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the company shared Quell, a wearable device that promises to give sufferers relief. You wear it on your upper calf and can connect it to your smartphone to keep track of progress.

Army veteran blames fibromyalgia on fume exposure

Brandon Garrison is a U.S. Army veteran who believes some of his health problems may be linked to fume exposure during the war in Afghanistan. He suffers from multiple health problems including fibromyalgia and believes the time he spent near the burn pits affected him long-term. He is not the only veteran who is concerned about the fumes from the burning of hazardous waste during the wars.

Fibromyalgia sufferer accused of exploiting disabled parking spots

A woman who suffers from fibromyalgia is being accused of exploiting disabled parking spots at stores. During a recent shopping trip in Australia, she was confronted by an elderly man who stated she did not look sick and accused her of using the disabled park illegally. Although the woman had the proper disabled permit, the man refused to believe her.

Fibromyalgia patients turn to controversial Whole30 diet

There is a new diet trend among some fibromyalgia patients, and it involves eliminating all grains in favor of a high protein menu. The Whole30 diet is being embraced by more people, and its creators claim it can help fibromyalgia sufferers along with eliminating the symptoms of other health problems. The diet is strict, but some patients are reporting positive results.