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5 vegan recipes packed with the nutritional needs of fibromyalgia patients

5 vegan recipes packed with the nutritional needs of fibromyalgia patients

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain that affects mostly woman and has been linked with nutritional deficiencies. It affects approximately 200 to 400 million people worldwide, according to The National Fibromyalgia Association. So, here are 5 recipes packed with the nutritional needs of fibromyalgia patients.

SAM-e for fibromyalgia: Studies reveal advantages of supplement

SAM-e is also known as S-adenosylmethionine, and it has become a popular supplement. This amino acid has been used by patients seeking relief from depression, anxiety, pain, headaches, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and other health problems. Although researchers continue to debate the efficacy of this supplement, patients have reported an improvement in their fibromyalgia symptoms after using the treatment.

Fibromyalgia study focuses on surprising Epsom salt benefits

Epsom salt, also known as magnesium sulfate, is a popular home remedy with several benefits. Now, a new study is focusing on the potential use of Epsom salt to help fibromyalgia patients. The researchers are investigating how Epsom salt baths affect patients and reduce symptoms. Scientists have previously noted that magnesium deficiencies may play a role in fibromyalgia, so soaking in Epsom salt may help.

Fibromyalgia patients benefit from the use of ginger

Many fibromyalgia patients have reported that they reduced their chronic pain by using ginger. From fresh ginger to ginger tea, patients have tried a variety of forms. Although researchers continue to investigate the use of ginger to treat pain, medical experts recommend considering these types of alternative therapies to treat fibromyalgia and discussing them with your doctor.

Fibromyalgia patients benefit from surprisingly simple exercise

A new study reveals that the path to reducing fibromyalgia pain does not have to be complicated. Researchers focused on a group of female fibromyalgia patients who were able to decrease their pain by simply walking. Previous studies have shown that exercise can have a positive impact on patients who are dealing with fibromyalgia. Now, more research backs up the idea that staying active is essential.

Fibromyalgia pain triggered by nightshade vegetables

Patients and medical professionals continue to report that fibromyalgia symptoms can become worse after eating nightshade vegetables. The Solanaceae family, also known as the potato or nightshade family, has been linked by patients and doctors to an increase in pain and fatigue. Although some people do not react to these plants, others report that they are a serious problem and feel better after eliminating them from the diet.

Fibromyalgia pain reduced by eliminating these common chemicals in food

common chemicals in food

A study from Oregon Health & Science University found that several chemicals in food can make fibromyalgia pain worse. Researchers believe that some additives in food can affect patients who have the disease. Although they focused on monosodium glutamate (MSG) and aspartame, other studies have shown that multiple food chemicals can also have a negative impact on the health of fibromyalgia patients.

Ribose for fibromyalgia: Surprising benefits of using this sugar

Sugar and Fibromyalgia

Ribose is a simple sugar, and it exists in two forms, D-ribose and L-ribose, but only one of them occurs naturally. D-ribose is the common form, and it is essential for energy production in the body. Research reveals that ribose may help patients who have fibromyalgia. Although your body can make ribose on its own, some patients have found pain relief by taking additional supplements.