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Four Words That Create Unstoppable Power and Success

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Did you ever stop and wonder what life would be like if Wilbur and Orville Wright hadn't given us the airplane? What about Thomas Edison and the light bulb?

Helen Keller was deaf and blind before the age of two. Yet she accomplished great works that have benefited others tremendously and still impacts people's lives today.

Imagine, what if these great achievers had not dreamed their dreams? Did they possess a secret formula for success or were they just that much smarter than every one else?

Clearly life was not easy street for any of those mentioned here. Maybe they and other of our modern day heroes are just born with certain gifts and abilities that you and I are not. I don't know for sure but I don't think these extraordinary people necessarily had extraordinary talent. Maybe they just had an extraordinary belief in themselves. Maybe, just maybe they knew the four words that create power and guarantee success. And they used those words to accomplish what they did. Ponderous isn't it?

I believe that they did know those four words. I believe they used those words every single day of their life and by doing so they became great achievers in our society. Those words were so much a part of their lives that they didn't even have to think about using them.

It was a subconscious, natural act for them. Perhaps in the beginning these heroes didn't use the magical words. But soon came to realize their power, soon began to use them habitually, and ultimately they were integrated into their thinking, their dreaming and their speech.

What are those four words? Do you really want to know?

Okay, but before I tell you ask yourself this question. If I had the four words that would give me unstoppable power and guaranteed success would I use them?

Power is a responsibility. When you have it you have an advantage so you must be deliberate in its use.

Think about where you would use this power of accomplishment. Would it be in managing your weight, or getting fit? Maybe you have another priority, I don't know but think about it. These are really powerful words.

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They can change your life. They can change how you see things. You will look at problems differently and no longer be afraid. You will notice the miracle of positive coincidence. What are the words?

The four words that will create power and guarantee success are: 'What - Can - I - Do". Uh, that's it? Yes, those are the four words that create unstoppable power. For any given problem or situation you have choices. You can either ask "why does this always happen to me", or you could say, "why does this have to happen now", or you could say, "when will somebody (else) do something about this", or you could say this:

"What - Can - I - Do that will turn this situation around?"
"What - Can - I - Do that will stop this from happening?"
"What " Can - I - Do to take action right now?"
"What - Can - I - Do to get me one step closer to my goal?"

A variation of those four words and ones that are equally as powerful are: "How - Can - I - ...? Complete the phrase and you'll see what I mean. For example, "How - Can - I -
take action now that will change the status quo?" "How can I - do things differently and get a better result?" "How can I - change my behavior?"

Do you see how different those questions are than the "Why" questions? Nobody has the ability to effect more change over your life than you do. So why would any of us ever ask "When are they going to" or, "when will he/she", or "why can't someone else" or, "why can't this situation be different?"

A question with no actionable answer is a circular question. The answers will never really solve a problem or give cause for a true call to action. Alternatively, the "what can I do" questions have just the opposite affect and will give rise to action.

Your life is a reflection of your thoughts, your words and dreams. The quality of the questions you ask will determine the quality of those thoughts and the quality of life that we all will live. Whatever problem you are facing today has an answer. You can get closer to that answer just by asking a better question.

An answer may not be evident immediately but you'll get an answer. In fact, you already have the answer you just need to awaken it with one of those powerful, take action questions.

You can start asking better questions today and see the miracles unfold. Alternatively, you can ask "why this or why that" and run the risk of never getting off that hamster wheel of frustration.

Today, I challenge you to begin the practice of asking really good questions. I challenge you to unleash the power of your own words, thoughts and dreams. Write to me about your results. I love hearing about miracles.


Allan Boshell is author of two books, countless articles, and educational courses on how to lose weight and get fit while enjoying the process. Copyright: Allan Boshell 2004. All rights reserved.



If I would stand tall and take control of my life and do positive things I could change the situation around. To stop it from happening I need to again take control of myself and my feelings and be honest. I can now if I could keep telling myself I could do it and dont be afraid to do it. I have let people run over me all my life. I was always afraid to say no. Today was one of those powerless days. Are whole family was together for my dads surgery and I just felt like I wasn't part of the family. I felt like I was in out field. But, instead of talking to them, I held it inside and just got madder and madder. When I got home I talked with my husband about it and he told me not to let them take control of me again. Either stay away or be honest to them upfront.
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