Great Results Start In Your Thoughts

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Success and Personal Life

What results and success are you currently experiencing? Are you achieving everything you desire in all areas of your life? Perhaps some aspects are stronger than others. You may be very successful in your business or professional life, but not so in your relationships and personal life. Or perhaps your health and relationships are great, but you don't seem to be attracting the right financial rewards. Whatever your current situation, it reflects the actions you've taken and these actions are a direct result of your thoughts. So, to be sure of great results and outstanding success, you need to start with the right thoughts.

The right thoughts aren't just about being positive; they're about focusing your thoughts on your vision, or an outcome or a goal that forms part of it. But as human beings, we often find that negative and destructive thoughts creep into our minds. It's too easy to find ourselves focusing on thoughts about things we don't want. We become what we think about. So, if we spend time thinking about what we don't want, guess what we'll attract? Yes, the wrong results.

Perhaps you're someone who often thinks the right thoughts, but these are still sprinkled with other thoughts. Your thoughts need to be consistent, not mixed up. Even if you're someone who thinks the right thoughts most of the time, chances are you do have at least some thoughts that need to be changed.


To experience consistent results and success balanced throughout your whole life, you first need to change your thoughts. This may be simple, but it doesn't mean it's easy. It will require your commitment. Start by increasing your awareness of your thoughts and monitor them. You may be quite surprised to find that you have more negative, unhealthy or destructive thoughts than you would have guessed. Often, we're not aware of our thoughts and need to pay attention to them. Even if you don't think you need to monitor and change your thoughts, I invite you to become aware of them and only decide when you know precisely what your thoughts are.

There are a number of ways to focus on your thoughts and then change them. The first one is the old classic of wearing a rubber band on your wrist. As soon as a thought comes into your mind that isn't going to attract the results you want, you shout 'STOP' in your head, snapping the rubber band at the same time. This reinforces the message and interrupts your pattern of thinking, thus allowing you to choose different thoughts.

Another option is to choose specific times of the day when you reflect on your overall thoughts and make choices about the thoughts you now want to have. This doesn't have such a profound effect on your overall thinking as doing it in the moment, but it can pick up on some thought patterns that aren't beneficial to you.

As you become more aware of your thoughts, take note of where they're leading you. Are they leading you towards having plenty, abundance and what you truly desire? Or are they about not having enough or what you don't want? You can choose to control your thinking. As you notice your thoughts, decide if they need changing. To find out what to change your thoughts to, I invite you to know what your vision is, your desired outcomes and goals and what you want to experience. These thoughts, when focused on with energy and intention, bring powerful outcomes. What I want for you are thoughts that are positive, enthusiastic and attract what you truly desire.

Wendy Hearn