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UN blasts excessive medicalizing and torture by psychiatrists: Natural alternatives are the best option for mental health care!

Apr 21 2017 - 12:45am
Psychiatric abuse victim

In a significant move highlighting how tragically criminal in nature psychiatry is UN Rapporteurs have hit psychiatry for
the excessive medicalization of mental health issues and for torture which is inherent in psychiatric practices. Clearly non-psychiatric natural mental health care approaches are the only humane and effective interventions for mental health issues.

There is heavy funding of the propaganda machine of psychiatry which has people worldwide deceived into believing psychiatrists work in the best interests of their mental health.

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Ashwagandha is known as “Indian ginseng” due to its rejuvenating properties

Apr 9 2017 - 8:07am
Ayurvedic herb

The Indian herb Ashwagandha is a powerful herb which is said to have many restorative benefits by practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic medicine is an ancient holistic healing system which was developed thousands of years ago in India.

Due to growing fears of dangerous side effects associated with the psychiatric drugs natural remedies are preferable.

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Creating a "dog in a pill" for prevention of allergies and obesity in kids seems possible

Apr 8 2017 - 7:44am
Girl and dog

Researchers say that being exposed to pets may decrease allergies and obesity in children.

We often think of pets as being great companions for kids. This is true and dogs and other pets seem to generally be very good for the emotional development of children.

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Larger doses of vitamin C may benefit treatment of the common cold

Mar 30 2017 - 3:33pm
Vitamin C

Researchers say that larger doses of vitamin C may be associated with a greater decrease in the duration of the common cold.

The common cold creates a great deal of misery and can be very costly in terms of absence from school and work. It often seems as if the best you can do for a cold is let it run it's course.

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Having fun with exergaming benefits health

Mar 19 2017 - 8:37am
Playing Pokemon GO

There has been a lot of concerns over the years that spending too much time playing digital games can be unhealthy. However researchers are now saying that a type of digital gaming called exergaming which combines gaming with execise can decrease sedentary time and enhance social well-being.

With a rise in popularity of digital gaming there have been increasing concerns about too much associated sedentary time leading to an increased incidence of many illnesses including obesity, diabe

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The right bedcovers could help protect kids from severe asthma attacks

Mar 14 2017 - 4:37am
Bed covers and asthma

Researchers say that bedcovers which are mite-proof may decrease flare-ups of asthma in kids.

Asthma in kids is a serious condition which can be life threatening. All efforts should be made to prevent asthma attacks in kids.

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Eating fish high in omega-3 fatty acids benefits brain health

Feb 19 2017 - 3:10am
Delicious, nutritous salmon

There is an association between eating fish that is high in omega-3 fatty acids and better cognition.

It is not a myth that eating fish that is high in omega-3 fatty acids is good for the health of your brains.

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Walking benefits patients with advanced cancer

Feb 18 2017 - 9:44am
Walking and cancer treatment

Researchers have found that the quality of life in patients suffering from advanced cancer is improved with walking.

Advanced cancer can be a very painful and debilitating condition. It appears walking can improve the quality of life in these patients.

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Natural remedies are helpful for treatment of impetigo

Feb 14 2017 - 6:21pm
A healthy vegetable salad

Impetigo is a common bacterial skin infection which is generally seen in children, although it is also sometimes seen in adults. Antibiotics are the mainstay of conventional treatment for impetigo, but natural remedies are also very helpful.

If impetigo is not treated aggressivley it can have serious complications. Natural remedies offer hope for effective treatment of impetigo.

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How meditation can help treat the stress of being single

Feb 14 2017 - 8:26am

Research has shown married people have decreased levels of stress hormone. Meditation has been found to help lower stress and so single people could benefit from meditation.

It appears that an advantage to married life could potentially be better health due to less stress.

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Antioxidants may be a key in the natural treatment of lupus

Feb 13 2017 - 6:54am
Veggies and fruits

Researchers have uncovered a potential key for the natural treatment of lupus may be antioxidants.

In patients suffering from lupus their own immune system attacks their own tissues and organs. There are many possible complications to this illness which can be debilitating.

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Clean air may help prevent type 2 diabetes

Feb 8 2017 - 9:00am
Clean air and Diabetes

Research shows there is a link between air pollution and an increased risk for type 2 diabetes. Therefore spending more time in clean air may help decrease the risk for this illness.

Type 2 diabetes is a leading cause of death and rising rates of this serious metabolic disease are being seen.

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We must stress jobs, not guns and drugs, to cut down on mass shootings

Jan 31 2017 - 10:08pm

Researchers say mass shootings at schools across the United States have been linked to increased rates of unemployment. An association has also been found between taking psychiatric drugs and violence. We must begin to stress the vital importance of good jobs, financial security and natural mental health care instead of guns and psychiatric drugs to cut down on this violence.

The number of mass shootings at schools across the United States in recent years has been shocking.

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A magic bullet for good school performance may be fitness and nutrition

Jan 29 2017 - 6:07am
A young woman staying in shape

Research has suggested that the grades of students are improved with fitness and adequate iron consumption.

Ambitious students are often searching for the best ways to improve their performance in school.

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Treating girls like sexual objects should be discouraged

Jan 26 2017 - 6:05am
A young girl enjoying nature

Researchers have observed there is a direct association between the sexual objectification of girls and aggression directed towards them. An awareness of this problem should lead to aggressive initiatives to discourage treating girls as if they are sexual objects.

Our society has become increasingly violent in recent years and much of this violence has been directed against young girls.

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Staying in shape is a good natural remedy for work stress

Nov 3 2016 - 4:48am
Staying in shape

Researchers have determined being in good shape protects you from the health problems which occur when you feel stressed at work.

Stress at work can undermine your performance and your future while also making you feel miserable in your time off.

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Good nutrition can offset stress induced mental health problems

Nov 1 2016 - 6:37am
A baby eating

Researchers have found supplementation early in life may help to offset problems for the adult brain from early life stress.

There have been concerns about the potential negative effects of early life stress on the brain later in life. It appears that good nutrition early in life may be able to offset these concerns.

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Sanitation has great value for lowering child mortality

Oct 31 2016 - 8:23pm
A germ

According to researchers the value of sanitation for lowering child mortality in many low income countries has been widely underestimated.

When we give consideration to child mortality we generally consider how important good nutrition and vaccines for infectious diseases are. The vital significance of sanitation is often overlooked.

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Mulberry extract offers promise as a delicious natural remedy for obesity

Oct 27 2016 - 6:42am

Researchers have found mulberry extract activates brown fat and has promise as a treatment for obesity.

Obesity has become an epidemic problem worldwide due to poor diets and sedentary lifestyles.

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