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Does your doctor speak to you about these 3 scary obesity-causing things or he prescribes them?

Obesity causing prescriptions

Sometimes doctors can't give you the best weight loss advice for legal reasons. They're probably aware of clinical and university studies finding that common things you're using or doing are making you fat without you realizing it -- but they can't tell you because it would be illegal or unprofessional. Here are three more weight-gaining things your doctor won't tell you to avoid.

Low fat, low carb foods a disaster group contends: Here's why

Low fat foods making us sick, group contends

What if everything we've been told about eating for weight loss and overall good health were wrong? According to a group of health care professionals in the UK, there is no need to avoid saturated fat or certain carbohydrates at all. The suggestion is avoiding natural foods is what is making millions of people sick and fat; contributing to type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Stand up for Weight Loss: Utilize a Standing Desk

stand up weight loss

Standing is an easy small change that you can make starting right now. Standing up when everyone else is sitting can be a mark of pride in your office. I know this because I did it. I build myself a standing desk for only about 30 dollars worth of Ikea parts. I had been sitting for over a year and it was not doing my body any good. I realized that standing would be healthier option than sitting myself to death.

"Real People Real Weight loss" - TOPS works for weight loss maintenance

tops for weight loss

TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), a non-commercialize, non-profit network of support groups and wellness education opportunities came out with findings that suggested that most individuals with significant weight loss were able to maintain the weight loss a couple of years if stayed within the program.