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How Much Water to Drink to Crush your Weight Loss Goals and Lead a Healthy Life

Drinking Water for Weight Loss

Water is better than anything you’ve ever heard of to lose weight. This fact might not be shocking to you, but it is something many people seem to ignore. 95% of Americans walk around dehydrated every single day. Don’t find yourself in the majority. Drink more water right now in order to lose weight and feel better.

This is How Hiking Can Make Our Brains More Positive and Keep Us Happy

Hiking and weight loss

Getting out into nature can do more than just make us feel better, it can actually cause our brains to grow in functionality. Exposing ourselves to fresh air, problem solving without technology, and being disconnected from the world can help our brain to reach its maximum potential.

3 Easy Ways to Lower the Carbs of Your French Fries Without Sacrificing Taste

Easy ways to lower the cabs of french fries

Totally cutting out potatoes can be hard. Who doesn't love a baked potato with a blue cheese salad or stir-fry veggies with sautéed potatoes? Potatoes can be healthy if you choose the right kind, the right way to cook them, and pair them with certain foods. Here are a few ways you can eat the same tasty potatoes but lessening the carbs you get from them:

3 Healthy Natural Foods and Supplements That Can Replace Exercise

Healthy natural food alternatives for exercise

Between working and family life, there are days when you have to sacrifice your 15 minutes of exercise to change diapers or stay late at your cubicle to meet a pressing deadline. Doctors recommend 2.5 hours of moderate exercise each week. But, did you know there are natural foods that can shave hours off your exercise requirements? They're not an exact replacement – but here are three things you can eat and drink that come close to replacing your treadmill jog:

Doctor-recommended Weight Loss Pills That Work

Weight loss pills that work

You see weight loss pills advertised in shady, 4 a.m. TV infomercials. They're known to have harmful, long-term side effects. But did you know there are natural weight loss supplements you can take that burn fat and protect your body from diseases? Doctors actually recommend you take these daily, even if you don't want to lose weight!

Here are three of these doctor-recommended natural weight loss supplements:

Fasting Diet and Its Effectiveness for Multiple Sclerosis

fasting diet for multiple sclerosis

Study results from both human and animal research indicate that a fasting diet could be effective for treating multiple sclerosis. The latest research, from the University of Southern California, showed that the fasting diet (aka, fasting-mimicking diet, FMD) reversed symptoms of multiple sclerosis in some animals and reduced them in others while improving symptoms in patients.

Does your doctor speak to you about these 3 scary obesity-causing things or he prescribes them?

Obesity causing prescriptions

Sometimes doctors can't give you the best weight loss advice for legal reasons. They're probably aware of clinical and university studies finding that common things you're using or doing are making you fat without you realizing it -- but they can't tell you because it would be illegal or unprofessional. Here are three more weight-gaining things your doctor won't tell you to avoid.

Low fat, low carb foods a disaster group contends: Here's why

Low fat foods making us sick, group contends

What if everything we've been told about eating for weight loss and overall good health were wrong? According to a group of health care professionals in the UK, there is no need to avoid saturated fat or certain carbohydrates at all. The suggestion is avoiding natural foods is what is making millions of people sick and fat; contributing to type 2 diabetes and obesity.