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Google Predicts Vegan Revolution to Save Money, The Environment and Your Health

Vegan lifestyle

If you’ve eaten meat all your life, it may be hard to think of not eating meat again. We’ve been conditioned to eat meat at least once a day, and many people eat far more meat than that. But where is all this meat coming from and what is it costing our land, our cities, and our bodies to keep up with demand?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants You to Stop Eating Meat and Go VEGAN!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Vegan

“Less meat, less heat, more life” is how the former governor approaches the controversial issue of going vegan for the environment, animal rights, and human health.

One of the best bodybuilders of all time campaigns for a vegan lifestyle! Arnold Schwarzenegger has teamed up with renowned filmmaker James Cameron to campaign for a vegan lifestyle. You may not believe it looking at the former Terminator and Governor of California, but Arnold is VEGAN!

7 Weight Loss Myths Busted that will Blow Your Mind and Diet Sodas Are Not Better

Weight loss Myths

If you’re trying to lose a lot of weight or just shed a few pounds, then you know the path to reaching your target weight can sometimes be discouraging, frustrating and even unhealthy. These busted myths will help you drop that weight the healthy and mindful way.