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Buproprion, an anti-depressant, has been found to help maintain weight and aid in weight loss in the long term


Although patients react differently to medications, anti-depressants have been long known to cause weight gain as a side effect for some people. According to Webmd, up to 25% of patients on anti-depressants gain weight.

What Do You Do When Instead of Encouragement and Inspiration for Weight Loss You Receive a Negative Comment

Weight Loss Inspiration

People who try different hacks and diets for weight loss, look for encouragement and inspiration from friends. But what if instead of encouragement and inspiration you get a negative comment, despite what you do helps you to lose weight?

13 Peppermint Oil Uses to Reduce Pain, Give you Energy, Relieve Allergies, and More

Peppermint Oil Uses

Peppermint oil is a fantastic essential oil to begin using right away. There is a plethora of uses for it, and you will be shocked at how many ways it can help you. There is basically no reason not to try peppermint oil because it is 100% natural and has no side effects. The more you can use natural home remedies the more your body will thank you in the long run.

Gluten-free Diet: not always the answer and watch for definition on labels

gluten free diet

Traveling through the grocery store looks very different nowadays. It is hard to deny the observation of an increase in products labeled "gluten-free" in each aisle. Products have been developed and have made the gluten free industry a multi million dollar beast. Be careful with labels and look for these gluten free definition on food labeling.