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How a Plant Based Diet Benefits Multiple Sclerosis

plant based diet benefits multiple sclerosis

Some people are skeptical about how much impact diet has on multiple sclerosis, yet at the same time there’s quite a bit of interest in the topic, especially since making dietary changes is a drug-free way to help manage the disease. Therefore it’s important to consider recently published research showing how a plant based diet benefits multiple sclerosis.

Breastfeeding Helps You Lose Weight: 3 Tips for Easier Nursing

Losing weight while breastfeeding

Did you know breastfeeding can help you lose weight? If you've just brought a new bright light into the world, you're probably now dealing with the weight you gained while you were pregnant. Good news, breastfeeding your wonderful, new baby will help you shed those pounds. If you're having troubles breastfeeding, there are natural things you can do to help, like trying different positions and using colored ribbons to make your baby more comfortable and less antsy.

Are Vegans Hungry All the Time? Not With These Protein-Rich Foods

Vegan hungry food

While you may think that vegans and vegetarians have such slim options when it comes to proteins that they nearly starve, quite the opposite is actually true! Nature provides quite the varied array of plant-based proteins that make cutting meat out of your diet less intimidating and much more manageable.

Two Short Water Fasts for Weight Loss and Changes in Diet Produce Amazing Results in This Woman

Tara Golden fasting weight loss

Short fasts for weight loss vs. traditional diets. "I have really been on a journey to discover the best types of foods to eat for the best possible health. Two short water fasts, one of 3 days and one of two days and changes in diet. The second shot is taken 3 weeks after the first shot," writes Tara Golden discussing her diet and water fasting journey. I asked Tara to share her experience with EmaxHealth readers and here is what she wrote to EmaxHealth.

How Losing Weight Counters the Rising Cost of EpiPens

Losing weight and cost of EpiPens

Did you know you can lower your allergies by losing weight? The same is true for asthma, which can be triggered by the same things that cause allergies. Losing weight becomes more important since recent news brings bad tidings of increased prices for EpiPens. An EpiPen is an effective emergency aid during severe asthma and allergic reactions. You can lower your EpiPen budget by lowering your risk of severe attacks by shedding some pounds.

Probiotics as a Natural Health Remedy: 5 Points To Remember

Reseach shows more probiotics in yogurt than in capsule supplements

Looking for a probiotic, but not sure what to look for in a probiotic? Here’s some advice from Reuters Health Watch and Consumer Reports on some probiotic basics as a natural health remedy for treating conditions such as bloating, excessive gas, gurgling, tummy aches and pains, diarrhea and unexplained weight gain resulting in belly fat.

FluMist vaccine works but so do natural remedies and home treatments

Flu nasa spray and home remedies

Getting the flu is not a very pleasant experience and can in fact be deadly particularly for the very young and very old. Good news is it appears the FluMist vaccine is effective in preventing the flu in spite of reports contrary to this by the CDC reports NPR. However there are also many natural remedies to help you beat the misery of the flu reports WebMD.

An Alternative To Daily Soda, Which Helps to Improve Health

soda drink alternatives

How many sodas or other sugary drinks do you drink in a day and do you know that replacing them with healthier alternative can make a big difference in your health? New research shows that no matter how many you drink, replacing just one with water could make a significant difference in your health.

Natural Alternatives to Sustol To Prevent Chemotherapy-Related Nausea and Vomiting

natural alternative nausea and vomiting

The Food and Drug Administration has just approved extended release Sustol (granisetron) for treatment of chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting, all-too-common side effects of this type of cancer treatment. Yet prescription antinausea drugs like Sustol themselves are associated with significant side effects, which causes some patients to seek natural alternatives to prevent chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting.