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Climate Change, Air Pollution Damaging Lung Function

air pollution damaging lung function

The deteriorating nature of our air is causing significant harm to human health, and human activity is contributing to climate change and the air pollution that is damaging lung function. This relationship was highlighted by the findings of a new study presented at EuroEcho-Imaging 2016, which pointed out the influence of air pollution on respiratory function and the critical health issues it raises.

You May Gain 10 Pounds This Holiday, But Here Are 13 Essential Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Weight During the Holidays

Holiday weight loss book

Are you tired of suffering through holiday weight gain each year? Nutritionist trainer, and former professional boxer Cristy "Code Red" Nickel has these secrets to keeping the dreaded seasonal bulk at bay. Read on to learn tips from her new book on how to maintain (or even lose) weight throughout the holidays and beyond.

Navigating the Holidays with a Suspected Gluten Intolerance: 14 Common Symptoms and 3 Things You Can Do

Gluten Free Bread

In this story Dr Chad Larson is discussing tips for navigating the holiday season with a suspected gluten intolerance. The foods we eat during the holidays are often not the same (or as healthy) as what we eat the rest of the year and that can be tricky for those who either suffer from a gluten sensitivity or those who are not feeling well after partaking in holiday feasts and suspect they may be experiencing a reaction to gluten.

How Can We Kill Brain Tumors? Try Getting Them Sick With a 'Cold'

Brain Tumor Treatment

When you get a cold, each tiny virus infiltrates the wall of an unlucky cell, sheds its outer coating, and travels along the cell's inner scaffolding to the nucleus. Once there, surrounded by the cell's DNA-replicating machinery, the virus releases its DNA. With the cold virus, it rarely damages your own DNA, but it commandeers the nearby molecular factories to churn out more copies of itself. Eventually, the newly manufactured machines burst out of the cell, destroying it.

Six Drug-Free and Natural Treatments for ADHD That Are Just What the Doctor Ordered

ADHD Treatment

Is ADHD holding you or your child back from greater success? Today, more people than ever are finding it harder to focus at work and school. But there is hope. Here, Adam Breiner, ND, offers a natural protocol for ADHD that will put you back on top of your game. Written by Adam Breiner, ND.

Healthy Diet Recommendations for Crohn's and Colitis from Food Matters

Food for Chron's Disease and Colitis

During this week’s Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week, Tricia Williams, executive chef and founder of Food Matters NYC is sharing how diet can play a key role in treating these Crohn's Disease and Colitis, including food recommendations to help combat the symptoms, as well as foods to avoid to prevent aggravating the condition.

Why Should This Natural Oral Hygiene Gift Idea Be Important On Your Christmas Gift List

Dr. Sharp Oral Hygiene Gifts

Millions of people will be shopping this holiday season, going to parties, decorating their homes, and even making plans for the new year that will be here before they know it. One thing most people probably won’t give much thought to, but should, is their teeth. The holiday season can be a difficult time for one’s teeth, due to the increased stress levels and overload of sweets being consumed, but it can also be a perfect time for choosing an oral hygiene renewal.