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5 Practical Stress Management Techniques and Tips To Naturally Plan for Less Stress

Manage stress naturally

To effectively and naturally manage stress, we must think of ways to use techniques to manage beyond the next 5 minutes, the next day and next week. If you don’t make long term plans to manage your life, you may feel like you are in a constant state of treading water which may add to your stress.

Zinc Trumps Vitamin C as a Treatment for Ending The Common Cold

Common Cold Treatment with Zinc

For all the advances in medical science, it is astounding that there is still no known cure for the common cold. Sure, there are theories of susceptibility such as a cold is a virus and something you ‘catch’. Treatment for the common cold, however, varies anywhere from chicken soup, to over-the-counter medications. Still, whatever methods have been employed in healing the common cold, they do not shorten its duration, that is, until we learned more about the mineral zinc.

What Are The Health Benefits of The Chiropractic Care


Chiropractic care dates back to the late 1800’s when Daniel David Palmer, a teacher and magnetic healer gave the first spinal adjustment to Harvey Lillard who had experienced a “pop” in his back 17 years earlier and had since been almost completely deaf. After the adjustment Lillard’s hearing improved. Palmer deduced a connection between adjustment and Lillard regaining his hearing. He believed both were due to nerve impingement and chiropractic care was born.

Compassion and These Important Qualities Top The List of What Makes a Good Nurse Great

Great nurse qualifications

Yesterday, in one of the social forums, dedicated to healthy living, I asked members about the most important qualities that make a professional nurse great.The most frequent response was compassion. People believe that a professional nurse should have this quality to be a great nurse. But here are some other responses discussing other qualities that also make a good nurse outstanding.

Practical Nail Biting Treatment Advice That Most People Can Do

Nail Biting Treatment

This morning I was surfing on Facebook and saw the following discussion on Natural Healing Plus Foods group regarding a young girl who was looking for a nail biting treatment advice. What does work as a natural nail biting deterrent? Here is what group members suggest. But first let's read her story.