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Cooking Food In This Heavy Metal Proves To Be Disastrous To Your Health

Heavy Metal Toxicity Aluminum Cooking

We have gotten into an international bad habit of cooking our food in aluminum foil, which is one of the most commonly used items in the kitchen. Aluminum foil is popularly used for wrapping sandwiches and covering leftovers too. But is safe to cook and wrap our foods in this heavy metal?

The top 3 hand grip strengtheners that can help retrain your brain and strengthen your fingers

hand grip strengtheners that can help retrain your brain and strengthen your fingers

When you attend the gym, having weak fingers, makes it difficult to train your upper body and tone up. But, hand weakness has a darker side to it, because it means your body might be dealing with nerve damage. Recent studies have discovered however that exercising have neuro regenerative effects. So, here are the top 3 hand grip strengtheners that can help you retrain your brain and strengthen your fingers.

When It Comes To Addictions It’s Not All In Your Head

drug alcohol addiction holistic drug detox

For years addictions have been treated like a disease when its really more about nutritional deficiencies. When it comes to holistic addiction treatments the brain is central, in part, in helping to get addiction under control. Getting the brain what it needs to function optimally can be done with diet. Proper nourishment, such as foods high in glucose and mineral salts can stop the brain's electrical impulses from short-circuiting and end addictive behaviors.

Manuka honey targets pseudomonas aeroginosa, the leading cause of hospital infections

Manuka honey targets pseudomonas aeroginosa

Pseudomonas aeroginosa bacterium is linked with infections acquired in the hospitals, which can be life threatening. According to medscape it can involve the following parts of the body: respiratory tract, bloodstream, ear, eye, bones and joints, GI tract, urinary tract and skin. The CDC reports that an estimated 51,000 healthcare-associated P. aeroginosa infections occur in the United States each year. So, here is how Manuka honey targets pseudomonas aeroginosa.

Foods that benefit stroke survivors and will help you prevent a stroke

Foods that will help you prevent a stroke

Lifestyle factors are associated with increasing the risk of stroke, this includes lack of exercise, high alcohol intake, diet, obesity, smoking, drug use, and stress. The CDC and the National Institutes of Health recommend at least 30 minutes of physical activity on most days of the week. But, besides changing lifestyle, what type of foods will help you prevent a stroke?

Benefits of Repealing Obamacare According to Heartland Experts

Obamacare Repealed

The U.S. House of Representatives today voted 217–213 to pass the American Health Care Act (AHCA). The bill repeals and replaces the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, which has been in effect since 2010. What are some of the benefits of repealing Obamacare? Heartland Institute experts discuss how this bill benefits nation's spending and free market.

Aerobic exercise improves cognition and motor function in stroke survivors, reveals study

Aerobic exercise improves cognition and motor function in stroke survivors, reveals study

Impaired cognition and motor function in stroke survivors are challenging hurdles that patients must go through. It is well documented that exercise improves cognition and motor function in healthy individuals. But recently, scientists were able to find that this type of exercise is also able to improve neuropsychological and motor function measures in stroke survivors.

10 delicious recipes that will help lower your blood pressure

10 delicious recipes that will help lower your blood pressure

Hypertention (abnormally high blood pressure) is usually treated with diuretics that act on your kidneys, beta-blockers that opens your blood vessels, and many other synthetic remedies. However, blood pressure medications may incur a variety of undesirable side effects, such as: weakness, drowsiness, vomiting, skin rash, diarrhea, constipation and even erection problems. But, you can avoid all of that by changing your life style and eating foods that will help lower your blood pressure.

Easy Keto Diet Breakfast Ideas That Will Keep You Full For 6-7 Hours

Easy Keto Diet Breakfast Ideas

The secret to satiety or that wonderful feeling of fullness is dietary fat. Body fat is one of the fuel sources your body runs on when on a Keto diet. Unless you are including intermittent fasting in your diet or working out early in the day (there’s a chemical reason you don’t want to eat before a workout) then breakfast can make or break a day’s worth of dieting and keep you from running to the vending machine for something that will throw you out of ketosis. Here are some easy keto diet breakfast ideas I have used since 1977.

A Guide to Farmer’s Markets - Why Buying Local Is Cheaper and Healthier

Farmer's Market Guide

Farmer’s markets might not be as convenient as the supermarket or big box store, but you may find in the long run buying from local farmers and ranchers as well as beekeepers is healthier. Our market is open most of the year and twice a week. There are also markets in close by cities that are worth the drive which gives me options most days of the week. Here is a brief guide on how to shop at a local farmer's market.