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10 Fun Water Play Ideas to Entertain Your Children This Summer on a Budget

Summer Fan Ideas

Summer is my favorite time of year. Lounging around by the water is one of my favorite summer pass times. Whether it be the pool, a lake, or the beach, being around water is so relaxing. Having young children, however, is the polar-opposite of relaxing when near water. Below, you’ll find a list of frugal, fun ways to cool off without the hassle of loading the kids up to go to the beach or the pool. This list of 10 fun water play ideas is sure to make your children’s summer enjoyable while being completely budget friendly too!

My Experience with Breastfeeding in Public

I wanted to write this article because this is something important to me, being able to feed my son. He won’t eat with a cover, he gets distracted by it and will try to pull it towards him; I decided to breast feed because of all the health, developmental, and emotional benefits it has for him and for me. So I want to tell you about my experience breastfeeding in public.

10 Ways Busy Moms Save Time and Energy by Sharing Childcare and other Mom Duties

Clothesline that says Mama in clothespins

They say, “It takes a village” and yet the idea of cooperative living hasn’t really taken off in the United Stated. I’m not talking about “Sister Wives” but why not consider a cooperative to take the burden off you and other moms? Learn how busy moms save time and energy by sharing childcare and other mom duties.

3 gentle on-skin baths that will keep your baby's eczema under control

on skin baths for baby's eczema control

Atopic dermatitis (AT) is the most common type of eczema, especially in babies, and according to the National Eczema Association the prevalence of childhood eczema/atopic dermatitis in the US is 10.7%. Topical steroid creams sometimes help with relieving the itchiness and dryness caused by AT, but can cause allergic reactions themselves. So, these gentle on skin baths will keep your baby's eczema under control, and may be a great alternative to steroid creams.

How To Stand Your Ground When Your Child Doesn’t Want Dinner

Pasta Dinner

With my Spouse working full time and me being a stay at home mom, it’s crucial to make every bit of resources count, especially when it comes to food. When I prepare meals, it’s important to me that nothing goes to waste, but what’s also important to me is that everything I make is flavorful and filling. While my spouse and I love trying new recipes, my stepdaughters can be skeptical when trying new foods, especially when those foods don’t fit into the sweets category. Because of this, it can cause some friction when it comes to dinner time. No matter the friction, I believe it is important to always stand your ground and have children eat what’s for dinner, even if it may take some work.

Loneliness in the Wakes of Traditional Motherhood and How to Cope

Motherhood and family

Life as a mom can be incredibly tough. You are responsible for not just the physical wellbeing of your children, but the emotional as well. There are a million decisions we, as moms, need to make daily for the sake of our families. So, where do those of us who choose traditional motherhood fit into today’s society?

Why I Love Being a Baseball Mom: How the Love of the Game Has Brought Us Closer Together

Baseball mom

Every Spring, Moms throughout the country begin making plans—plans for a summer of late nights under bright lights, hours scrubbing grass stains from the knees of white pants, and scorching Saturday sunburns from too many hours on the bleachers. That’s right. It’s baseball season!

5 Juice Recipes That Can Help End Your Constipation Problems

5 juice recipes that can help ending your constipation problems

According to The American Journal of Gastroenterology, over the counter medications now dominate primary therapy of Chronic Constipation in the USA. This is a worrisome trend, because the ‘USA today’ has reported that laxatives can cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalances, when taken too often or in higher-than-recommended doses. So, the best option is dietary changes, by boosting the intake of foods that can help ending your constipation problems.

Carpal Tunnel During Pregnancy: Push and Pay Off Will Be Worth It

Carpal Tunnel During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a beautiful time in any woman’s life. The act of growing a human being can be an amazing thing, but there can be many setbacks during this time. Some include morning sickness and fatigue, but one of the lesser known symptoms of pregnancy include Carpal Tunnel. Swelling from pregnancy can put pressure on different nerves on your body, especially in your hands.

My Experience with Baby-led Weaning so Far

Baby led weaning

Weaning your baby. This can be a hot topic conversation because there are a lot of good ways to wean your baby and people feel that their way is the right way. People decide what is best for their family and what works best for their child and that might be different from parent to parent. I want to talk about my experience with baby-led weaning versus traditional weaning.