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Find the latest health news reported by eMaxHealth reporters and keep up with the latest studies and findings about healthcare. Everyday eMaxHealth reporters scan the latest health findings on cancer treatments, diets, mental health, diabetes, autism, health insurance, spiritual health, men's and women's health and report them so our readers may know about the latest treatments and findings on different diseases and conditions. Some of them are breaking health stories and eMaxHealth strives to provide trustworthy health news where all the sources of studies are revealed and linked and various views and voices are provided and heard. Find personal wellness tips as well as the latest news on healthcare advancements and research by reading eMaxHealth's Current Health News section.

The Female-Friendly Herb That Increases Milk Flow For New Mothers And Ends Menopause Symptoms In Aging Women

Fennel Menopause PMS Breastmilk

Fennel is a female-friendly, multi-tasking herb that is both pleasant tasting, highly nourishing and an effective natural remedy for many ailments without any known side-effects. Fennel can be eaten raw or cooked and is always readily available at your local supermarket.

My Children and I Were Silent for Five Minutes. Here's What Happened When We Began to Practice Mindfulness

Mindful child

A house full of children is a house full of chaos. With our tablets and phones, Netflix and Minecraft, with our Amazon Echo, our radios and TVs, with a barking dog and sibling squabbles we are constantly in a state of massive over-stimulation. One day last month, it became abundantly clear to me that I had simply had ENOUGH.

What Precautions to take on 4th of July while Pregnant

4th of July

4th of July has always been my favorite time of year. Summer, friends, and barbecue are what come with this time of year, especially being a Military Brat. However, this year will be different for me than any other year. This will be the first year that I will be pregnant with my baby girl. Instead of reaching for a cold one, I’ll be reaching for that water bottle and there will be a few more changes to come. Join me in this article and see what other changes will be made for myself and any other pregnant moms out there.

The Seven Es of Healthy Eating and Lifestyle: You Can Help Your Child Avoid Obesity Now and Forever

Diet scale

The statistics on obesity are not only disheartening they are downright scary. One in ten people world-wide, including children, are considered obese and the consequences are adults and children with high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and other health issues. Despite a growing problem, if you know the seven ‘E’s of healthy eating and lifestyle, you can help your child avoid obesity now and forever.

Why my kids will watch R Rated movies

movie tickets

When the weekends come in my household, it’s usually a time when we can all play catch up. Whether its homework, chores, or work. When we all get a break, it can almost be considered a miracle, and when these little miracles come along, we like enjoying it by watching a movie or two. Sometimes we will watch a ‘Kids’ movie, and sometimes we will decide to watch a movie that is at a higher rating. The question is though, how do we decide what is considered appropriate and not appropriate for children.

These 3 scientifically proven health benefits of eating okra will surprise you

These 3 scientifically proven health benefits of eating okra will surprise you

Okra, also known as "lady's finger," or "bamia pod" is one of the many nutritious vegetables of North-East African origin. It is also widely used in Brazilian cuisine, and is is packed with nutrition. But, these 3 scientifically proven health benefits of eating okra will surprise you.

Blood Pressure Drugs and ED Go Hand in Hand, but there is a Natural Alternative

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure drugs are one factor in erectile dysfunction (ED) but other factors such as smoking, overweight, diabetes, other drugs, and anxiety have an adverse effect on sexual function. In some men, ED may have been an occasional issue before starting blood pressure medications due to one or more other factors. The presence and degree of ED may be related to the type of blood pressure medication and while ED isn’t always a given, in most cases blood pressure drugs and ED go hand in hand, but there is a natural alternative.

10 Fun Water Play Ideas to Entertain Your Children This Summer on a Budget

Summer Fan Ideas

Summer is my favorite time of year. Lounging around by the water is one of my favorite summer pass times. Whether it be the pool, a lake, or the beach, being around water is so relaxing. Having young children, however, is the polar-opposite of relaxing when near water. Below, you’ll find a list of frugal, fun ways to cool off without the hassle of loading the kids up to go to the beach or the pool. This list of 10 fun water play ideas is sure to make your children’s summer enjoyable while being completely budget friendly too!

My Experience with Breastfeeding in Public

I wanted to write this article because this is something important to me, being able to feed my son. He won’t eat with a cover, he gets distracted by it and will try to pull it towards him; I decided to breast feed because of all the health, developmental, and emotional benefits it has for him and for me. So I want to tell you about my experience breastfeeding in public.

10 Ways Busy Moms Save Time and Energy by Sharing Childcare and other Mom Duties

Clothesline that says Mama in clothespins

They say, “It takes a village” and yet the idea of cooperative living hasn’t really taken off in the United Stated. I’m not talking about “Sister Wives” but why not consider a cooperative to take the burden off you and other moms? Learn how busy moms save time and energy by sharing childcare and other mom duties.

3 gentle on-skin baths that will keep your baby's eczema under control

on skin baths for baby's eczema control

Atopic dermatitis (AT) is the most common type of eczema, especially in babies, and according to the National Eczema Association the prevalence of childhood eczema/atopic dermatitis in the US is 10.7%. Topical steroid creams sometimes help with relieving the itchiness and dryness caused by AT, but can cause allergic reactions themselves. So, these gentle on skin baths will keep your baby's eczema under control, and may be a great alternative to steroid creams.