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5 recipes with foods that improve skin health

5 recipes with foods that improve skin health

Forbes magazine has reported that one of the key trends that will drive sales in the skincare segment In 2017 is: ingestible beauty products, and this is because consumers are becoming more aware of the effect of their choice of food and drinks on their skin. So, here are 5 recipes with foods packed with vitamins that improve skin health.

These supplements and dietary changes will lower high blood pressure and regulate cholesterol levels naturally

lower high blood pressure and regulate cholesterol levels naturally

According to the CDC, heart disease, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases are among the leading cause of death and now kill more than 800,000 adults in the US each year, and the two main reasons people have heart disease or stroke are: high blood pressure and cholesterol.Therefore, it is important to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol at normal levels. So, here are supplements and dietary changes that will lower high blood pressure and regulate cholesterol levels naturally.

Save money by eating these foods that improve overall skin health

foods that improve overall skin health

There is a myriad of skin disorders that may cause lack of self - confidence and even hospitalization. According to the Global Commercial Industry magazine by 2018, the U.S. skin care market will reach Nearly $11 Billion dollars. But, there is no need to spend tons of money or suffer with skin disorders, because you can save money by eating these foods that improve overall skin health.

Elephants Rarely Get Cancer, The Woolly Mammoth and a Cure for Cancer Have in Common

Wooly Mammoth and Cure for Cancer

What do global warming, the wooly mammoth, and a cure for cancer have in common? No, it’s not the beginning of a bad joke but a very real possibility. Remember the Jurassic Park movies where scientists genetically engineered and recreated live dinosaurs? Today, scientists are doing exactly that to bring back the wooly mammoth, not for theme park profits, but to save the planet and perhaps find a cure for cancer.

Mother of an ADHD Child: "I just feel like I want to cry"

Loving and concerned mother

This morning in one of the ADHD groups I read this message from a mother of an ADHD child, which was very emotional and she is looking for help on how to handle difficult mornings. For the respect of her privacy I will not disclose her name, but here is the message and it's so common with many parents who raise children with ADHD. What would you advise her?

Top 5 Fitness Trackers for Kids

Fitness trackers for kids

As parents, we all know that getting our kids off of the couch and away from their screens can be a difficult task. It’s easy for our kids to get caught up in video games and television, but we know that it’s important for kids to be active in order to stay healthy and fit, and to build habits that will last a lifetime. As wearable technology becomes more affordable, many parents are turning to wearable fitness trackers for their kids. We have gathered the best of the best for you, here in one post, so keep reading to find our recommendations for the top fitness trackers for kids.

5 vegan recipes packed with the nutritional needs of fibromyalgia patients

5 vegan recipes packed with the nutritional needs of fibromyalgia patients

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain that affects mostly woman and has been linked with nutritional deficiencies. It affects approximately 200 to 400 million people worldwide, according to The National Fibromyalgia Association. So, here are 5 recipes packed with the nutritional needs of fibromyalgia patients.

Vegans Explain Why Go Vegan vs Being Vegetarian

Vegan Food

Today in one of the mommy Facebook groups I read an interesting discussion considering the subject of being a vegan vs vegetarian. "I understand being vegetarian because of the cruelty to animals. That makes sense to me because you car for animals. But I never understood the mentality of not eating eggs, using beeswax, drinking any kind of milk. I do not understand the logic of not using the animal by-products that would be otherwise wasted if not used for other things," honestly asked one person.

Enjoy The Benefits Of The Mediterranean Diet With The Convenience Of Olivino

The Mediterranean Diet Food pyramid

Why leave all the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet for those living in Southern Italy and Greece. Enjoy the health benefits today with the power and convenience of Olivino. Whether you like the taste of olives or not, Olivino provides a powerful concentration of the key ingredients that make the diet pattern so beneficial.

Make Your Own No Bake Energy Bars For A Fraction Of The Cost

No bake energy balls

Did you realize how easy it is to make a good tasting, nutritious and inexpensive no-bake energy bites or bars? You can make your own no-bake energy bar for a fraction of the cost of store bought ones. With so many options in the stores these days, which ones do you get anyhow? How about you try this simple recipe and you may not have to spend so much money anymore every time you are needing a quick energy bite on the go. Give it a try and let me know what add ins you like best.

What We Know and Don't Know About Zika Virus and How To Take Precautions

Zika virus mosquito

Last year, the headlines were everywhere warning us of the dangers of Zika Virus. This “new” and terrifying mosquito-borne illness captured our attention, as we learned it is harmful to the most vulnerable amongst us—pregnant women and babies. Researchers have discovered some information about how this virus is transmitted, how it affects us, and what we still don’t know. Read on to learn how you can be informed and take precautions to avoid being infected during mosquito season.