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Various Sneaky Ways Pedophiles Groom Children - A Must Read for Parents and Grandparents

Protect children from pedophiles

It's an unpleasant topic, however, you need to become informed and aware of the various tactics that pedophiles use to sneak their way into the lives of our kids. The pedophile first becomes a 'friend'. The manipulations are varied and well thought out. Learn more now to protect your kids.

Here Is Why Children Only Eat One Food From Their Plate

children diet family health mono meals

Watching your child eat is sometimes an exercise in frustration and patience, since children don't usually eat everything that's on their plate. Preferring to eat only one food from their plate at meal time needn't worry you. Surprisingly, eating this way is natural for you child and has some welcome health benefits.

Safe And Effective Natural Remedies For Plantar Fasciitis

Natural Remedies Foot Pain Plantar Fasciitis

Foot pain is no fun. If walking hurts, especially first thing in the morning, you may be dealing with plantar fasciitis. While there are many suggestions for how to ease plantar fasciitis pain -- such as steroids, the cure remains a mystery for this type of foot pain. However, these natural remedies for plantar fasciitis work safely and effectively anytime a flare up may occur.

The Number One Reason to Keep Plants In Your Child’s Bedroom


Indoor plants that clean the air and remove toxins are more effective and cleansing to your child's home environment than air fresheners, which are found to be highly toxic and disease causing. What is more, indoor plants that clean the air and remove toxins do not negatively affect your child’s health -- they enhance it.

5 recipes with foods that kill gonorrhea

recipes with foods that kill gonorrhea

It is becoming more important to know what foods to eat, not only to be healthy, but to equip our immune system to fight against the rise of antibiotic- resistant diseases. The world Health Organization has reported that there has been a rise in the number of people infected with antibiotic- resistant gonorrhea. But, there are easy to find foods that have been shown to kill gonorrhea. So, below are 5 recipes using them.

These two antibacterial foods can kill gonorrhea, according to studies

antibacterial foods that can kill gonorrhea, according to studies

The WHO says that more than 70 million people are infected with gonorrhea each year, and according to recent reports that some strains of gonorrhea had developed widespread resistance to ciprofloxacin, the antibiotic typically used to treat gonorrhea. So, knowing what antibacterial foods can kill gonorrhea has become all the more important.

Charlie Gard’s Parents End Heartbreaking Legal Battle

Charlie Gard End Legal Battle

The parents of 11-month-old Charlie Gard have issued a statement today, saying that they will end all legal proceedings in the battle for their son’s life. “We’re about to do the hardest thing that we’ll ever have to do,” Charlie Gard’s parents said before spending their last moments with their son.

Keep Holding Your Baby: Why Babywearing Is Best For Everyone

Baby Carrier Sling

"If you hold that baby all the time, you’re going to spoil her!" New moms and dads have all had that annoying friend, relative, or neighbor who insists that they are holding the baby too much, and issues the dire warning that they are on the fast track to spoiling the baby. These comments are definitely upsetting, especially in the first days and weeks of parenting, when stress, sleep deprivation, and hormones make a new mom second guess everything she is doing.

Eating Late Causes You To Gain Weight

weight loss health nutrition

Many are concerned about the effects of eating late at night, especially when it comes to their weight. Your circadian rhythm – the times you tend to feel energized and sleep, play an important role in your ability to lose weight according to new research. The time of day your food is eaten is more crucial to weight loss than the amount of calories ingested than originally thought.

Stranger Approaches To a Woman with Lung Cancer and Offers to Pray

Prayer for lung cancer patient

Compassion is in short supply in our society these days. Several days ago I asked the members of Lung Cancer Awareness group on Facebook to share stories of compassion to share with eMaxHealth readers. One of the members named Tanya Cohoon shared this uplifting and inspiring episode form her life that happened few weeks ago.

SCAD: The Dangerous Heart Attack that’s Striking Healthy Young Women

SCAD heart attack

Spontaneous coronary artery dissection — sometimes referred to as SCAD — is an uncommon emergency condition that occurs when a tear forms in one of the blood vessels in the heart. This frightening condition strikes suddenly, without warning, and is most common in young healthy women in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, and you have probably never even heard of it.

US Lawmakers Vote to Grant Charlie Gard and Family Permanent Residency “to Fly to America for Treatment”

Charlie Gard Granted Permanent US Residence

Charlie Gard has had a busy week. In the latest development in his ongoing legal battle, US lawmakers have voted to grant Lawful Permanent Resident status to Charlie and his family to allow him “to fly to America for treatment”.

5 kid friendly recipes for healing hand, foot and mouth disease

kid friendly recipes for healing hand, foot and mouth disease

Anyone whose child has suffered from the painful mouth sores caused by hand, foot and mouth disease will know that eating, while sick, is just painful. So, while you may empathize with your child’s pain, it is still important to keep the fluids up and maintain adequate nutrient intake. These 5 kid friendly recipes for healing hand, foot and mouth disease will make eating, easier.

How to Stop Stress Eating; Feeding Your Body and Not Your Emotions

Stop stress eating

Everyone eats for comfort now and then. Maybe it is when you’ve had a stressful day at work, or at home with the children. Maybe it’s after an upsetting argument with your significant other. Perhaps you’re most likely to stress eat on the days when you are particularly hormonal. Whatever the case, emotional eating can quickly derail your health goals, or even cause you to gain weight.

5 vegetarian recipes to boost your omega 3 fatty acids levels daily

vegetarian recipes to boost your omega 3 fatty acids levels daily

The American Heart Association advises people to consume foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, because its beneficial for the heart and overall health. Omega 3 fatty acids are generally found in fish, however due to ocean pollution with heavy metals and Fukushima radiation, it might be better to boost your omega 3 fatty acids levels daily via a plant based diet.

Here are 3 plant based omega 3 sources to avoid seafood contaminated by Fukushima radiation

3 plant based omega 3 sources to avoid seafood contaminated by Fukushima radiation

Now, that all major news outlets are reporting that radioactive water from the Fukushima power plant will be fully dumped into the pacific ocean, you should know that you might have to consume seafood nutrients via other means, as this event alone will completely destroy sea life in the pacific as we know it. So, here are 3 plant based omega 3 sources to avoid seafood contaminated by Fukushima radiation.

How To Respond When Your Boy Wants His Ears Pierced

boy's ears pearced

"My boy son wants his ears pierced. His mother called and asked me my opinion, to which I said no. I explained to her that there was a verse in the Bible about markings and cutting on the human body. She didn't agree and said that I was taking the Scripture out of context. Does anyone know of multiple scriptures to back me up or to agree with her?," asks one parent on Facebook.