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Here’s Why Vegans May Sleep Better Than You Do

Insomnia, vegan health diet nutrition

Do vegans sleep better? The answer may lie in some new research on diet and insomnia. Researchers have found that our diet directly affects how well we sleep. This may uncover why people who eat high carbohydrate diets, like vegans do, may sleep better. So, if sleep has been hard to come by, your diet choices are well worth taking a good honest look at.

Keep disease away by boosting your flavonoids intake with these 3 vegan recipes

Keep disease away by boosting your flavonoids intake with these 3 vegan recipes

Flavonoids are phytonutrients (plant chemicals) found in almost all fruits and vegetables. An adequate intake of flavonoids, through diet, has been reported to protect the heart, treat asthma and reduce the risks of developing cancer. So, you can keep disease away by boosting your flavonoids intake with these 3 vegan recipes.

How To Prepare An Easy Vegan Quinoa, Fruit and Vegetable Lunch

quinoa, salad, healthy, nutrition, diet

Quinoa salad is one of the easiest vegan homemade lunch ideas to throw together. Quinoa salad is filling, boasts a good amount of protein and low glycemic fruit and vegetables, and can easily be prepared by the batch. This low carb diabetic-friendly vegan lunch is filling, highly nourishing and can be served in a salad or as a salad.

How To Easily Assemble A Vegan Fruit Breakfast That's Healthier Than The Acai Bowl

vegan berry bowl

In the name of convenience, many vegans try to make their morning routine as efficient as possible: they pre-set their coffee makers, and perhaps grab an energy nut bar on-the-go, believing that we're getting some kind of fiber-rich health benefit. In the end they have made one of the most dehydrating choices to start our day. A faster, more hydrating and nourishing way to start to your day, begins with some of the most healing foods on earth -- fruit.

Here is why vegan foods to treat asthma can improve overall health

vegan foods for Asthma

According to the American academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology, about 25 million suffer from Asthma only in the US, and it costs an average of $3,300 per person with asthma each year in medical expenses, missed school and work days, and early deaths. So, it is ideal to keep asthma under control via nutritional means, and here is why vegan foods to treat asthma can improve overall health.

Reap the health benefits of edible flowers with these 5 vegan recipes

Reap the health benefits of edible flowers with these 3 vegan  recipes

Edible flowers have become a growing fad in Britain powered by celebrity chefs and intagram. But, what most people don’t know is that the health benefits of edible flowers outshine how they make a dish look pretty. So, its time to reap the health benefits of edible flowers with these 3 recipes below.

3 Solid Reasons To Ditch The Keto Diet And Go Vegan

keto diet vegan nutrition health

When it comes to side effects of the Keto diet more and more evidence is piling up against the Keto diet being healthy. Vegan diets are more nourishing and assimilable, allowing for easier and more efficient digestion as well as more vibrant health where the Keto diet stresses the organs, slows digestion and overtime can manifests disease.

These vegan antiviral foods may help reduce stillbirths and infant mortality by keeping expectant mums and children healthy

 vegan antiviral foods

Viral infections have been linked to global fetal and infant losses, according to a survey published by The Journal of Pediatrics. Despite medical advances, infections are a significant cause of infant mortality. Also, inadequate nutrition during pregnancy, has been linked to a growing number of stillbirths. Therefore, the best way to tackle this problem is through nutrition, which can be achieved by consuming antiviral foods that are easy to find. Below are vegan antiviral foods that may help reduce stillbirths and infant mortality by keeping expectant mums and children healthy.

The One Natural Treatment That Prevents Vegan Travelers From Traveler’s Diarrhea

Travelers Diarrhea, Health, Stomach bug

There is nothing worse that getting a stomach bug on vacation and wasting days of your leisure time dealing Traveler's Diarrhea. Whether you pick up a stomach bug while traveling or get travelers diarrhea after returning home here's how to end the symptoms of traveler's diarrhea naturally and safely.

7 vegan recipes with almonds that will maximize its health benefits

almond vegan recipes

The regular consumption of almonds have been reported to be a good way to ease anxiety and depression , prevent the growth of cancer cells, help maintain shiny and healthy hair, and it may also help to improve cholesterol levels. So, below are 7 vegan recipes with almonds to maximize its health benefits.

Vegan recipes for cats and dogs

 Vegan recipes for cats and dogs

According to the Pet Industry Market Size & Ownership Statistics, there are about 95 million pet cats and 83 million pet dogs in the United States, and with the growing number of people choosing to be vegan or vegetarian, it is no wonder that pet owners are opting for a more plant based diet, for their cats and dogs. So, if you are thinking about starting to feed your pet a plant based diet, these Vegan recipes for cats and dogs will help you.

The Number One Vegan Food To Eat If You’re Getting Injured In The Gym

Training Fruit Gym Vegan Cucumber

Thanks to the diet advice of many good-intentioned fitness trainers and doctors, it is a common mistake to eat high amounts of animal products, such as meat, poultry, fish and dairy while training. Sure, you’ll lose weight -- the first time-- but eventually, you'll begin to crave carbs, and slowly, eating this way will cause you to gain weight.

Jamie Oliver’s views on veganism that will surprise you

Vegan Meal

Jamie Oliver is an english celebrity chef, well known for his non- vegetarian dishes that express the soul of British cuisine. Recently, he was interviewed by Tim 'Livewire' Shieff Official in a ski resort, in which he spoke about growing vegan movement and the benefits of this diet. So, below are Jamie Oliver’s views on veganism that will surprise you.