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Plant Estrogens May Reverse Postmenopausal Weight Gain

Postmenopausal weight gain and plant estrogen therapy

Postmenopausal weight gain associated with a lack of estrogen is a common problem faced by women. While estrogen replacement therapies are one solution for combating postmenopausal symptoms, it does increase the risk of developing breast and uterine cancer. Researchers have recently discovered that some plant estrogens can actually reverse postmenopausal weight gain in ovariectomized obese mice without the development of mammary gland or uterine cancer.

EPO Blood Doping May Cause Stroke in Bikers and Runners

Morning Running

EPO blood doping to enhance performance in bikers and runners during competitions may put the athletes at risk of death from a stroke. Researchers recently reported their discovery that both acute and long term use of EPO blood doping results in an increased blood pressure in the brain’s blood vessels, which could result in a cerebral vascular accident such as a stroke.