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Why Sleep Cycle Disruptions May Be A Warning Sign of Alzheimer’s Disease

Woman sleeping

New research shows that the disruption of our sleep cycles, known as circadian rhythm cycles, can warn us of impending dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. One of the key characteristics of Alzheimer’s disease is the inability to sleep consistently at night while struggling to remain awake during the day.

Why Aerobic Exercise May Play a Role in the Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the current leading causes of death according to the Alzheimer’s Association, and the statistic of 5.5 million Americans currently affected by Alzheimer’s disease is expected to triple by 2050. A fresh meta-analysis performed by researchers reveals that aerobic exercise may play a role in preventing the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

The One Natural Treatment For Inflammatory Bowel Disease That Works

Inflammatory Bowel Disease diet fruit nutrition healing

Inflammatory bowel disease treatment tends to be elusive and undefined. This is because IBD symptoms and flare-ups are continually changing, leaving many patients in misery and pain. There is, however, one sure-fire natural inflammatory bowel disease treatment that works to calm symptoms and lessen flare-ups, and it's no further than the nearest supermarket.

How Sleep Apnea Increases Your Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Woman sleeping

We have always known that cognitive decline was associated with sleep and oxygen deficiency. New research presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in London shows a direct link between interrupted sleep from conditions like sleep apnea and the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Top 5 Favorite Certified Gluten-Free Makeup Products

Lip gloss application

More and more people are finding themselves eating gluten-free whether they have celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity. However, many women don’t consider that they may be ingesting gluten through their skin because many makeup products contain gluten. Here are my top 5 favorite certified gluten-free makeup products that I use personally. All products mentioned in this list are certified gluten-free and each company maintains vigorous testing standards.

The Truth About Dietary Supplements for Weight Loss and Athletic Performance: Some That Work and Some That Don't

NIH releases new supplement guide

Are you confused over which dietary supplements really work for weight loss and for improving your athletic performance? Here's the truth about dietary supplements for weight loss and athletic performance that will surprise you on which ones work and which ones don't according to two new NIH guides released.

How Desert Harvest’s Aloe Vera Supplement Relieved 92% of Interstitial Cystitis Symptoms

Aloe vera plant

Desert Harvest is a provider of nutritional and natural skin care products, harnessing the extraordinary healing powers of the aloe vera plant so that you can unleash the benefits in your own body. The founders of Desert Harvest sponsored the first aloe vera clinical trial, and their supplement relieved 92% of interstitial cystitis symptoms.

How the Curcumin Found in Tumeric Can Boost Memory By 28% and Reduce Depression

Curcumin supplement

Curcumin is getting a lot of buzz these days, and another study has just been conducted to provide further evidence in favor of its acclaimed anti-inflammatory properties. New research indicates that curcumin, the yellow compound found in turmeric, can boost cognitive memory function and reduce depression.

No More Cavities with These Affordable Tooth Decay Hacks, Study Shows

Cost-saving hacks for cavity-free teeth

Going to the dentist is expensive. Too expensive for many. A new study designed to dramatically reduce tooth decay in high risk patients at a lower cost reveals that using these affordable tooth decay hacks at home can yield the same results as more costly prescription products and care.

Does Diabetes Run in Your Family? Women Who Did This Cut Their Risk in Half

One way women can avoid type 2 diabetes.

According to the findings of a new study, researchers found that regardless of race, lifestyle behaviors, body size and other metabolic risk factors associated with the risk of developing diabetes, these women unknowingly cut their risk in half--and it had nothing to do with changing their diet!