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Hunger Persists 2 Years After Dieting: What To Do

Conquering hunger after weight loss

All diet plans work for the short term. The weight loss achieved in a few weeks is proportional to the calorie restriction imposed. That's the good news. The bad news, which is recalled in Michel Desmurget's book, "The Antiregime," is that "out of 100 individuals who followed a restrictive diet, 95 regain all the weight lost in less than two to five years." Michel Desmurget is a doctor of neuroscience and someone who formerly suffered from obesity.

What Your Dentist Isn’t Telling You About Your Saliva

saliva dental health cavities decay nutrition diet

True dental health is based more on what's inside your teeth than what's on them, but your dentist doesn't typically tell you that. Your dentist also doesn't discuss the importance of your saliva in keeping your teeth healthy and strong. The alkalinity of your saliva is the difference between healthy teeth and decay. Adjusting your salivia may result in far less dental visits and a brighter healthier smile.

Contaminated Pet Food is Not Just a Pet Health Risk

Pet food containing salmonella warning

Many pet owners prefer to feed their canine or feline pets what nature intended for them--raw meat. However, just like handling raw meat during food preparation for our cooked meals, pet owners need to be sure to handle their pets' food just as carefully. Here is the latest pet food recall that could cause you and your pet some serious abdominal pain.