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Hair Loss: Trump or Willis Style. Which is for You?

Coping with Hair Loss

For the most part, hair loss is a natural medical condition caused by aging and genetics and affects 2 out every 3 men by the time they reach 35. But if it happens to you, how will you cope with it? Here’s the latest on hair loss that you need to know that may help you decide to whether be more like Donald Trump or more like Bruce Willis. And, the biggest myth about Finasteride.

5 Reasons Why Stress is A Silent Killer According to Research

Stressed out

Stress has been called a silent killer for good reason. Stress is a faceless, deadly nemesis that crouches in the shadows ready to spring at the first sign of weakness. Stress is a predator that stalks vulnerable victims, and chronic stress can kill for many reasons. Perhaps the most frightening aspect of stress is that this predator preys on your lifespan.

Hacks and Exercises to Help You Stop Snoring Without Resorting to a CPAP

Hacks to Stop Your Snoring

Is your doctor suggesting that you may need to start using a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device for a better night’s sleep? But you don’t want to. Here are some hacks and exercises to help you stop snoring that you will want to try before resorting to CPAP.

Why the Health Benefits of Music Have the Scientifically Proven Power to Change Your Life


Music has been called the universal language. Music has been called color in sound. Music has been called the expression of what cannot be said; in essence, the voice of the soul. Music is all of these things, but modern day science is revealing that music is so much more than expression. Music has so many health benefits that have the scientifically proven ability to change your life forever. No, music isn’t magic, but it is more powerful than you know.

Why This Sleep Study Tip Helps High Achievers to Fall Asleep Faster

To Do List

The high achiever tosses and turns in bed as they face the enormity of tasks they face the next day. They wonder how they are going to get it all done and then yet another task pops into their mind. Now they’re sure they are going to forget something. Does this scenario sound familiar? New research shows that this tip will help anyone, especially high achievers, to fall asleep faster every night.

Top 10 Natural Resources for Healing Adrenal Fatigue

Woman sleeping

In my journey through adrenal fatigue, I have healed and continue to heal. It can be overwhelming to know where to start once you find out that your adrenals are close to burn-out. That is why I am sharing my top 10 favorite resources with you today that have all acted together to heal my adrenals. Addressing your lifestyle is another crucial factor in recovering from adrenal fatigue. You can read my post on that here.

Double Your Chances of Quitting Successfully with This Smoking Cessation Program

New Smoking Cessation Program by FDA

Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States, resulting in an estimated 480,000 deaths every year. Here’s how you can double your chances of quitting successfully and not become part of this avoidable statistic.

Your 2018 Weight Loss Guide Step 7: How to Not Hate Veggies

Even carnivores can learn to like veggies

If there’s one single sensible factor that plays into almost every diet it’s the advice that you should increase your vegetable servings. But what if you hate veggies?! Many of us do. Here’s some Dr. Oz advice on rebooting your veggie skills that will erase your veggie hate (and those extra pounds) with a simple trick that even a carnivore will fall for.

How To Prevent Norovirus Naturally On Your Next Cruise

Norovirus health diet nutrition

Next to flying, cruising is perhaps the second germiest way to travel. Not only is getting sick while cruising about being in a confined space with others for an extended period of time but with so many people cruising from different parts of the world, it is easier than ever for illness to strike. Getting sick while cruising is extremely inconvenient, but luckily, it can be avoided with some simple and natural proactive immune-boosting strategies.

Why the Habit of Perfectionism Increases Your Risk of Anxiety and Depression

Identity Crisis

Perfectionism targets people who live to please others and their mission in life is to make everyone happy at even the cost of their own happiness. Perfection is a cage that we lock ourselves into and throw away the key. Perfectionism is an increasing habit that research is finding to compromise your mental health by increasing your risk of anxiety and depression.