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Fibromyalgia cases increase in general population

It is estimated that 6 million people in the United States suffer from fibromyalgia, and it is believed that the condition may affect one in 50 Americans. A new study has examined the prevalence of the disorder in the general population by comparing criteria from several years. The researchers have found that changes to the American College of Rheumatology criteria have led to a rise in the prevalence of fibromyalgia, and the number of men being diagnosed with the condition is rising.

Celiac disease connections to Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s tumor scare

Elisabeth Hasselbeck has returned to “Fox and Friends” after having surgery to remove a tumor in her abdomen. The cohost is known for her battle against celiac disease and has documented her gluten-free diet in several books. Her surgery has raised questions among her fans about possible connections between tumors and celiac disease.

Would You Commit to the Nirvana Challenge to Lose Weight? This Man Did and Saved His Life

Nirvana challenge to weight loss

One of the biggest problems of weight gain is reaching a point beyond the typical clinical definition of “morbidly obese” and losing all hope that you could ever turn your life around. Well, one man did reach that point, and is likely still alive today only because he committed to what he calls the “Nirvana Challenge” and wants to share his story of hope for others wanting desperately to lose weight.

Finding credible fibromyalgia information online

Fibromyalgia is currently a disorder without a cure, but there are ongoing medical studies and research groups that are trying to change this. Although it is a challenge to find reliable information about the condition online, there are several tips that can help you wade through the websites. It is important to stay up to date about disorders, so regularly searching for news should be part of a wellness plan.

Holiday travel tips for people with celiac disease

The holiday season is often a difficult time for people with celiac disease because traveling while on a restricted diet has multiple challenges. From searching for gluten-free restaurants to avoiding contamination on flights, taking a trip requires careful planning and preparation. The following holiday travel tips will help you stay organized and avoid gluten

New gluten-free cereal from Nestlé is safe for celiac disease

Nestlé has released two new gluten-free cereals, and both are considered safe for celiac disease. The Nestlé Gluten Free Cornflakes and Gluten Free Honey Cornflakes are being distributed to multiple retailers. They have been certified gluten-free by Coeliac U.K. and have six vitamins added to the mix.

Does the Affordable Healthcare Act Cover the Headaches it's Causing Me?

The Affordable Healthcare Act is a health insurance legislation that is well on its way to directly affecting each and every American citizen. It’s astounding, though, that even a year after its initial debut, how little people still actually know about it, its enrollment options, available plans, and the actual cost of it. After days of researching this Affordable Healthcare Act, what it is, and what it means to the American public, I can say that I am not the least bit surprised that such an overwhelming population of people still feel in the dark about it.

Open Enrollment for the Affordable Care Act Begins: 3 Ways to Enroll

Health insurance open enrollment

Saturday, November 15th is the first day of open enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace. Part of the Affordable Care Act, the Health Insurance Marketplace helps uninsured people find affordable health coverage. Staff and volunteers throughout Orange County are ready to assist people with enrolling in a plan that is right for them.

Fibromyalgia controversy linked to guaifenesin protocol: Can a cough syrup ingredient help?

Fibromyalgia medication

The fibromyalgia controversy involving the guaifenesin protocol has returned. A new documentary film featuring success stories from patients who followed the protocol is raising questions about the common cough syrup ingredient. Dr. R. Paul St. Amand’s idea to use guaifenesin to reduce pain remains divisive.

Catholic bishops discuss celiac disease connection to communion

Celiac disease was one of the topics of discussion at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in Maryland. The bishops voted to change the Guidelines for the Celebration of the Sacraments with Persons with Disabilities, so people with celiac disease and other health conditions would not be left out of communion. One of the problems seen in multiple churches has been the requirement that communion wafers contain wheat.

Fibromyalgia pain symptoms respond to sound of music


Music therapy may provide a less invasive treatment option for people who are battling fibromyalgia. A study from researchers in Mexico, Denmark, Finland, the U.K. and the U.S.A. reveals that music can have a positive impact on patient health. Pleasant music helped fibromyalgia patients reduce their pain levels compared to a control group.

Mountain Apple Smoked Pork recalled due to wheat: Gluten alert

Mountain Apple Smoked Pork from Kulana Foods Ltd. is being recalled due to the presence of wheat in the product. The packages are mislabeled and do not alert consumers to the wheat found in the soy sauce used to make the smoked pork. Consumers are being advised not to eat the product if they are sensitive to gluten or have celiac disease.

Here’s Why You Should Forgive Yourself After One Bad Dieting Day

bad dieting day

One of the biggest mistakes a dieter can make is emotionally kicking his or herself after slipping on their diet plan following an evening of bacchanal reverie with friends. So, why is it a mistake to be overly critical after stuffing your face while on a diet? According to Prevention magazine, the amount of weight you actually gain after one terrible day of eating is surprising low.

New Natural Remedy for Arthritis in Dogs

Natural remedy for arthritis in dogs

Arthritis in dogs is common, especially among larger breeds and older canines. Treatment of arthritis in dogs often consists of medications that are associated with undesirable side effects, although there are some natural therapies that have proven helpful. Now researchers have developed a new natural remedy for arthritis in dogs that combines several herbal ingredients.

Obesity clearly linked to Crohn's and other autoimmune diseases

Obesity the newest factor to add to list of risk factors for Crohn's and other autoimmune diseases

New research suggests obesity could be a major contributor to Crohn's disease, multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases that are the result of the the immune system attacking the body. The result of the investigation shows obesity could also prolong the effects of autoimmune diseases that also appear to be triggered by additional environmental factors.

When it comes to understanding allergies, your doctor may not know best

Your family doctor may not know how to treat your allergies, finds study

Results of a new study show some doctors may not know best when it comes to treating patients for allergies. The finding, presented at the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) Annual Scientific Meeting revealed just half of internal medicine doctors and pediatricians questioned knew how to treat vomiting and hives from a food allergy. Many doctor also failed to recognize the most common food allergies in children under age 4.

Aspartame connections to fibromyalgia continue to be questioned

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but it has been linked to fibromyalgia. A study from France found a connection between the disorder and aspartame consumption, yet this artificial sweetener continues to be investigated. It is still a popular ingredient in many products and can also be found in NutraSweet or Equal.

Gluten-free subscription boxes grow in popularity

Gluten Free Food

There is a new food trend that is growing in popularity as more people turn to a gluten-free diet. Subscription boxes that meet a variety of dietary restrictions and needs are becoming more common and being delivered to more homes. People with celiac disease finally have options that allow them to customize the boxes.

Gluten-free pie ideas for the holidays safe for celiac disease

Gluten-free pie

Dessert is an important part of the holidays, and people with celiac disease do not have to miss out on the delicious treats. From frozen gluten-free pies you can purchase online to gluten-free pie mixes you can find in the store, the number of options has increased dramatically in recent years. Your dessert table will never be empty this holiday season.

Controlling diabetes could be easier with the help of one tiny protein

Small protein could prevent, treat type 2 diabetes

Researchers have discovered a tiny protein that is linked to aging could play a big role in controlling blood sugar levels for those with diabetes. Findings published by Indiana University School of Medicine in the journal Diabetes found the protein, Sestrin 3, plays a critical role in controlling insulin sensitivity and glucose production.