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Celiac disease safe recipes for World Nutella Day

World Nutella Day was created to celebrate the delicious hazelnut spread on Feb. 5, but you can use the gluten-free recipes throughout the year. Nutella is gluten-free, and Ferrero states there is no risk of cross contamination during the manufacturing process. Although you can enjoy the spread straight from the jar with a big spoon, you may want to try these ideas.

Celiac disease medical future hinges on understanding gluten

The future of celiac disease is not easy to predict, but doctors believe new research offers hope. Dr. Alessio Fasano remains optimistic about the possibility of learning more about the disorder and gluten. There are ongoing studies that may increase our understanding while offering new treatment options.

Studies Show Sure Way to Lose 10 pounds without Exercise or Counting Calories

Losing 10 pounds by exercise

Are you looking for a way to lose weight, but just don’t have the time and energy to count calories or enroll in an exercise program? The good news is that researchers have discovered that there is at least one way to lose weight without exercise or counting calories… and is healthy!

Celiac disease linked to fertility problems

A new study focuses on the connection between celiac disease and fertility problems in women. The disorder manifests itself through multiple symptoms, and researchers believe infertility may be one of the issues. Compared to the general population, women who suffer from celiac disease are at a higher risk of having fertility problems.

Inhalable Insulin Afrezza Joins Diabetes Treatment Options

Inhalable insulin Afrezza

The long wait for people with diabetes for an alternative to injectable insulin may finally be over. An inhalable insulin called Afrezza Inhalation Powder (Sanofi and MannKind Corporation) has hit the market in the United States and is available by prescription, but it is not for everyone who uses insulin.

Dr. Oz’s New Total Choice Plan Diet Takes the Counting Out of Calorie Counting for You

Dr. Oz

Are you sick of diets that taste like cardboard, or that skimp on the foods that you really want to eat? According to Dr. Oz, his new Total Choice Plan diet will help you lose weight by taking the counting our of calorie counting with his customized list of tasty meals that makes weight loss fool proof.

Gluten-free alcohol ban: Powdered alcohol controversy grows

A gluten-free powdered alcohol product is being banned by multiple states before it has the chance to hit grocery shelves. Palcohol would give people with celiac disease another beverage option, but legislators are concerned children will gain access to it. Despite the controversy and smaller list of states that will allow sales, the company still plans to release its product.

Gluten-free croutons recalled for undeclared allergen

Aleias Gluten Free Foods, LLC is recalling multiple lots of its parmesan croutons and classic croutons because they contain an undeclared allergen. The packages can contain peanut protein, but this is not included in the ingredient list. The brand is asking consumers who are allergic to peanuts to throw away their bags or return them to the store for a refund.

Common Chemicals May Cause Earlier Menopause

common chemicals and earlier menopause

Common chemicals found in shampoos, cosmetics, plastics, flooring, cars, food, and the environment may be causing women to experience an earlier menopause than normal. When these endocrine-disrupting chemicals are present at high levels, they can interfere with the normal production and activity of hormones in the body and result in additional health problems as well.

Double Chin Fat Removed by Simple Injection Say Researchers

Double Chin Fat Removal

Have you managed to lose weight, only to discover that your double chin remains? Would you like to put a stop to and reverse the buildup of neck fat under your chin as you grow older? Researchers say that they have found a cure that significantly improves how your neck will look under the chin requiring only a few simple injections that they say has resulted in a reduction of fat under the chin of more than 90% of their clinical trial patients.

Using art to understand cancer

Art has the ability to transform a person’s life and help others understand emotions that may be difficult to communicate. Studies have shown that art can be a powerful tool for cancer patients by helping them express their needs, thoughts and feelings. In a recent interview, artist Joseph J. Sherman shares how his artwork connects to cancer, and how he is helping others by creating unique paintings.

Fibromyalgia patient abandoned by hospital

Tony Smith feels his hospital abandoned him after canceling his regular pain treatments and refusing to reschedule them. Smith, who lives in the United Kingdom, believes Russells Hall Hospital acted inappropriately. The disabled senior citizen suffers from fibromyalgia, among other health problems, and he is going through withdrawal without his regular treatments.

How Consumers Were Duped by Green Coffee Bean Weight-Loss Supplement Scam

Green Coffee Bean Weight Loss

So now that the marketer of the Green Coffee Bean weight loss supplement - Lindsey Duncan - has recently agreed to pay some hefty fines to the FTC for intentionally deceptive marketing practices, here’s a little more about how he duped consumers into buying this bogus weight loss product.

Fibromyalgia disability discrimination claims from a lawyer’s perspective

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that often prevents people from being able to work. However, obtaining disability is a complicated process, and discrimination claims are a common problem. Attorney Bill Berger has provided his perspective and advice on this complex issue.

Murder trial involves celiac disease and Munchausen by proxy

Lacey Spears seemed like a concerned mother on social media who was sharing her son’s battle with multiple health problems. However, prosecutors claim she was secretly poisoning her child, lying about his health and sharing the deception on social networks. Her murder trial is uncovering disturbing information about her relationship with her son Garnett-Paul Spears.

Celiac disease alert: Snap peas recalled for gluten

Mann's Mediterranean Style Snap Pea Sensations are being recalled because the packages contain allergens which are not listed on the label. The bags of snap peas contain undeclared wheat, mustard, sesame and soy, but these ingredients are missing from the label. Consumers are encouraged to discard the items if they are allergic or sensitive to these ingredients.

New Multiple Sclerosis Stem Cell Study Shows Improvements

multiple sclerosis and stem cells

Treatment with a form of stem cell transplantation in individuals with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis has demonstrated improvements in neurological disability, quality of life, and cognitive function. The new study, which appears in a recent issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, did not show similar positive results for individuals with secondary progressive MS.