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FDA Finds Over 100 Weight Loss Products Spiked with Dangerous Prescription Meds

Weight Loss Products

Are your weight loss pills among the more than 100 weight loss products that the FDA found are actually spiked with dangerous prescription medications? Here are few that you need to know about, and where you can find more information about this very serious weight loss related health hazard.

Multiple Sclerosis Falling Studies Seek Participants

multiple sclerosis falling studies

Individuals with multiple sclerosis who live within a reasonable radius of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign may be eligible for one of two studies about falling. Even though falling is a major concern for people with multiple sclerosis, few studies have targeted fall prevention, especially involving home exercise.

Fibromyalgia patients kicked out because of service dogs

Fibromyalgia patients dog

Two unrelated fibromyalgia patients recently encountered problems in public places because of their service dogs. The patients, a woman in Connecticut and a woman in Texas, were told they could not have their dogs inside the buildings and were denied service. Both of these incidents are potential violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Mark Teixeira calls gluten-free diet meant for celiac disease ‘no fun’

Baseball player Mark Teixeira has switched to a gluten-free diet originally created to fight celiac disease, and he is already calling it “no fun.” The New York Yankees star claims that he changed his diet to avoid injuries and improve his health. He hired a new trainer and eliminated all the gluten from his diet, but he also decided to cut sugar and dairy.

New Targeted Muscle Injection Discovery Could Help the Obese Lose Weight

Muscle Injection and Weight Loss

Do you find that no matter how hard you work your muscles during exercise that you just don’t seem to burn off as many calories as you should? This could be due to the natural tendency of the body to attempt to conserve energy. However, recent research shows that a new targeted muscle injection discovery may override this tendency in muscle and help the obese lose weight.

Zebrafish provide insights into how Crohn's disease and colitis develop

Duke University researchers uncover epigenetic changes that lead to IBD, thanks to zebrafish

Researchers know that people with inflammatory bowel disease have higher levels of tumor necrosis factor or TNF that is an inflammatory cytokine. Therapy for Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis is geared toward inhibiting the pro-inflammatory protein to control symptoms. New information from Duke researchers gives insights into epigenetic changes that cause up-regulation of TNF and inflammation associated with the bowel disorders, thanks to zebrafish.

Have we been deceived about cholesterol lowering drugs?

Independent researchers claim stain studies have been deceptive.

A new analysis of studies suggests cholesterol lowering drugs known as statins may not be as effective for preventing heart attack and stroke as we have been lead to believe. According to an expert review, the drugs do lower cholesterol. But claims about how well the drugs prevent heart disease have been exaggerated.

Hockey star shares gluten-free secrets for celiac disease

Gluten-free shake drink

Jay Beagle, who plays for the Washington Capitals, is sharing some of his gluten-free secrets. The hockey star has been on a gluten-free diet for several years and encourages other players in the National Hockey League to join him. Beagle has created a special recovery drink without gluten that helps him and others after a game.

Gluten-free meal delivery services for celiac disease

Meal delivery services offer a convenient way to serve breakfast, lunch or dinner at home while you are busy. Today, more companies are offering gluten-free meal options that people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivities can enjoy. They offer plans that can fit the lifestyles of single people or large families and promise each meal is nutritious and easy to make.

Police officer connects her fibromyalgia to Ground Zero

A former police officer believes her job at Ground Zero is connected to her fibromyalgia. Annmarie Sheldon was initially denied accidental disability retirement benefits, but she filed and won an appeal. Justice Rolando Acosta states that fibromyalgia should be considered a new onset disease for the World Trade Center presumption law.

Lose Weight by Adding More Fiber to Your Meals with These Great Tips

Weight Loss with Fiber

The news is out that adding fiber to your diet is not only healthy for the body, but can also lead to increased weight loss while dieting. To help dieters integrate the recommended extra 30 grams of fiber per day into their meals, here are some great tips on how to add more fiber to any meal.