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Avoid Being Skinny-Fat and Lose Weight by Doing More of This Rather Than Dieting

Lose Weight by doing more

Health experts tell us that when it comes to losing weight, the majority of us put our weight loss efforts into dieting. However, as it turns out, putting all of your effort into dieting alone is the biggest reason why most people fail. And, for those who do lose weight, many still look like what is referred to as being “skinny-fat.” To avoid having a skinny-fat body and lose more weight at the same time, you should be doing more of this one thing rather than just dieting your way to slimness.

Finding solutions to drug shortages

Shortages of FDA-approved pharmaceuticals are increasing and creating more problems for patients and medical professionals. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports that critical shortages are affecting a wide range of medications and products. Items ranging from intravenous (IV) saline bags to oncology drugs have been in short supply recently, but companies are trying to provide solutions to these issues.

Cold Brew Coffee May Be the Next New Health Drink for Weight Loss

Cold Brew Coffee for weight loss

Do you find that cutting out your iced mocha Frappuccino drink is just too difficult while trying to lose weight because your body really needs the caffeine to function normally? According to Shape magazine, the solution you need may be found by switching to cold brew coffee to assist your weight loss efforts.

Impact of TV, Sitting on Type 2 Diabetes Risk

impact of TV, sitting on type 2 diabetes risk

People who are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes may reduce their chances by getting up and walking away from the TV. The team at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, which conducted the study, has also been awarded a grant to help implement their findings in a community-based lifestyle intervention project to help reduce type 2 diabetes risk.

Low-Carb Diet with This One Surprising Ingredient Increases Weight Loss by 10%


Low-carb dieting does work for weight loss. But did you know that for most low-carb dieters that their weight yo-yos back and forth after the first few weeks? Here’s news about a recent study where researchers found that by adding one surprising ingredient to a low-carb diet prevents this yo-yo effect and actually increases weight loss by 10%.

Physician assistants could be the cure to doctor shortage

Physician assistants

The Association of American Medical Colleges estimates that there will be a shortage of 90,000 doctors by 2020. The combination of aging doctors who are getting closer to retirement and a higher demand for their services is creating a problem. However, physician assistants offer an alternative that can help the shortage.

What sort of pain relief helps arthritis?

arthritis pain relief

An estimated 350 million people around the world suffer from arthritis and the pain that comes with it. As a way of coping with this affliction while doing their best to live a normal and active life, they often try multiple prescription drugs. However, there are also other treatments that you can purchase such as pain killers, heat patches, creams and natural remedies.