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Preventing and managing occupational asthma: Indoor air quality matters

Individuals who work in industries that produce a lot of particulate byproducts are more susceptible than others to potential problems with their lungs. Indoor air quality can drastically affect workers’ health, productivity and quality of life. Problems can extend beyond the workplace. One common health problem is asthma.

6 common vehicle accident injuries and what to do about them

Thousands of car accidents happen every day, and both drivers and passengers can suffer extreme injuries. In some cases, the people involved in the crash can walk away without a scratch while others end up in the hospital in critical condition. It is estimated that the medical bills associated with car accidents are $277 billion per year, and the long-term impact of the crashes can be devastating.

FDA Warns Travelers About Bringing Medications into the U.S.

Foreign meds not allowed in U.S. luggage

It may seem innocent enough, but bringing something as innocuous as an over-the-counter med bought in a non-U.S. pharmacy into the U.S. while traveling can essentially be as illegal as being a narcotics mule. Here are the answers to a few common questions the FDA recently provided for U.S. and visiting foreigners about bringing over-the-counter and prescription medications into the U.S.

What you must know about paying a dentist

tooth brush

A visit to the dentist tends to evoke strong emotions in many people. In addition to their concerns about pain and discomfort, they are also worried about the financial aspects. Although insurance can help, it may not cover all the procedures and exams you need at the dentist. In addition, there are still people who do not have dental insurance. If you suffer from frequent dental problems, then you are probably aware of the high cost of dental work.

Stem Cell Transplantation May Help Some Multiple Sclerosis Patients

stem cell transplantation may help multiple sclerosis

Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, which is commonly used for patients with blood and bone marrow cancers, has been the focus of several studies for people who have multiple sclerosis. Now a new report from an Australian team offers some insight into this treatment approach, including which MS patients seem to be the most likely to benefit from it.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency in Elderly Common and Can Be Treated

vitamin B12 deficiency in elderly

It’s long been known that vitamin B12 deficiency affects a large percentage of the elderly and that it can play a significant role in several serious health conditions associated with this age group. Here’s some of the latest on vitamin B12 deficiency in elderly individuals, what to look for, and how to treat it.

Keep people informed about the latest health threats

Many people fail to listen to the advice from their doctors. In some cases, a medical professional will mention a certain health threat, but the patient will not believe it until it is confirmed by several sources. Surprisingly, more people believe health threats when they hear them from family, friends or even random strangers. This means it is everyone’s responsibility to help spread the word about common health concerns today.

PE Program review: A new treatment for premature ejaculation offers men hope

Researchers state that an estimated one out of three men is dealing with PE or premature ejaculation issues. It is considered to be one of the most common sexual dysfunctions among men. The World Health Organization mentions that PE is one of the most frequent complaints that doctors hear from their male patients.