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No Calorie Sweetener Splenda Linked to Leukemia

A new study has cast a large shadow on the no calorie sweetener Splenda, saying that it has been linked to leukemia and other cancers, at least in animals. Since this artificial sweetener is present in so many foods, especially those used by people who are trying to lose weight, is this latest information enough to get you to stop using Splenda?

How to exercise through the pain the right way for weight loss

If you are trying to lose weight, then you already know exercise is a vital component. However, how do you continue to exercise consistently if you suffer from pain? The Institute of Medicine Report from the Committee on Advancing Pain Research reveals that 100 million people suffer from chronic pain in America. In addition, millions of other people are forced to deal with pain caused by trauma or injury. Despite the prevalence of pain, you can continue to exercise by following a safe regimen.

Sedentary Lifestyle Has Both Short and Long Term Effects

Eating better and becoming more active are usually the first steps in a short-term goal to lose weight. Unfortunately, having this type of “beginning and end” mentality (as in “I’ll diet and exercise until I reach my goal weight and then I can stop”) is not the best strategy for overall health. And in fact, it can be de-motivating and likely one of the reasons so many of us give up too soon.

Excessive weight loss comes with serious risks

Although some continue to search for magic pills or potions that keep them from gaining weight or help them lose it instantly, excessive weight loss is a serious issue. Many people over the age of 25 are concerned about their figures and worry about the number of pounds they have to shed to regain them. Unfortunately, some reach a point when dedication to a healthier lifestyle can turn into an obsession. If this happens, your health is at risk, and it may be time for an intervention.

Lose weight the fun way: Join a sports team

Although some people enjoy jogging on the treadmill or running around the block, many people do not love running. However, there is ample evidence that being physically active is a critical component of weight loss. This should encourage you to try cardio workouts, but you can do them in a different way. You can join a sports team because it has become the fun way to lose weight.

Why your weight and snoring could leave you needing a lawyer

If you snore at night, then you may have more problems than you realize. Snoring is one of the top reasons couples get a divorce, and it affects relationships on multiple levels. Snoring also has an impact on your health and can increase your risk of issues such as cardiovascular disease. Your weight is an important factor, and those extra pounds can make your snoring worse.

Linking High-fat Diet and Obesity to Increased Cancer Risk

High Fat Foods - NCI Visuals

Many studies over several years have linked excess weight with an increase in a number of cancers, including colon cancer. Aside from not smoking, reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is one of the most important lifestyle changes you can make today to reduce your risk of cancer.

Semir Beyaz, Ömer H. Yilmaz et al. High-fat diet enhances stemness and tumorigenicity of intestinal progenitors. Nature, 2016; 531 (7592): 53 DOI: 10.1038/nature17173

Check out these strange ways to lose weight

Weight loss is a trendy topic, and many people would love to lose a few extra pounds. However, this topic’s popularity means that the same tips, techniques and strategies are often repeated in different ways. What if you have tried all of the advice to no avail? It may be time to start implementing some unconventional and strange weight loss tips to reach your goals.

What experts are saying today about weight loss

As more research accumulates about healthy living and weight loss, experts are modifying some of their recommendations. The usual advice about the importance of diet and exercise is not changing, but some of the details are evolving. If you want to lose weight and get in shape, then you may want to pay attention to the most recent guidelines.

Best ways to safely lose weight after pregnancy

Losing weight after pregnancy

Nothing can beat the feeling of joy when a woman gives birth to a baby. However, for many women, that feeling is met with mixed emotions and frustrations because their bodies have changed due to pregnancy. Multiple studies show that many women retain between 2.5 and 5 pounds following the birth of their children, but at least one quarter of women retain 11 pounds or more. Although this may not seem like a large amount, if a woman has multiple children without losing weight in between, the pounds can add up quickly.

Why the Amish were right about weight loss in men

Ongoing research indicates that the Amish had the right idea about weight loss in men. The key to their ability to avoid obesity and to maintain their weight is constant activity. They avoid the extra pounds with simple exercises such as walking that are a natural part of their lifestyle. Researchers point out that the Amish can teach modern men a lot about maintaining their weight. You do not need to build an entire home gym to lose the extra pounds. Instead, you can turn to workouts such as yoga or walking.

Advantages and disadvantages of rhinoplasty: Can a nose job help you lose weight?

When you think about a nose job, do you think about the stereotypical popular girl in high school who had one and tried to keep it a secret? Those who choose to have a rhinoplasty procedure do not have to be ashamed, but there are several important factors they should consider before surgery. It is imperative that you weigh the pros and cons as you think about this type of surgery.

Did you know good oral hygiene can motivate weight loss?

For many people, once they pass a certain age, their metabolism slows down, and they begin gaining fat and pounds quickly. They begin to focus on losing the extra pounds and finding the perfect weight loss routine. However, there are many factors that affect your ability to lose weight, and oral hygiene is one of them.

Acne and obesity: Does being overweight cause acne?

Several studies have found that being overweight can increase the risk of having acne. Diet appears to be linked to acne, so it is not surprising that the food you eat can have an impact on your skin. A study published in Dermato-Endocrinology mentions that low-glycemic diets may help reduce the risk of acne, and researchers recommend that more time be devoted to this topic.