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Exercise Improves Pain Associated with Chronic Computer Use

May 22 2017 - 3:44pm
Exercise Improves Pain

One of the most common complaints of today’s office worker is neck pain and upper back pain due to long days in front of a computer. In addition to improve the ergonomic arrangements in your office space, you should also begin a regular exercise program.

It is thought that as many as 80% or more office workers today suffer from pain in the neck and shoulders.

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Science Finally Admits You Cannot Be Fat And Healthy And Here Is Why

May 22 2017 - 2:02pm
Obesity fatty liver insulin resistance type 2 diabetes heart disease

If medical science is the judge, then finally there’s verdict on what it really means to healthy. What we intuitively know to be true has now been put into law– you cannot be fat and have good health. Period.

Obesity Classified As A Disease For Profit

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7 Ways People Say You Can Deal With Excess Skin After a Major Weight loss

May 22 2017 - 12:53pm
Excess Skin After Weight Loss

You just had a major weight loss, but you didn't imagine how much excess skin you will have after such a big weight loss. This story discusses what people, who have had a major weight loss, say about the way they deal with their excess skin. It's a lot of excess skin.

First of all, let's make it clear that the "problem" of excess skin shouldn't be a downer for those who would like to embark on a major weight loss journey.

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Mediterranean Vegetable May Help Menopause Symptoms

May 22 2017 - 12:42pm
Mediterranean Vegetable for Menopause symptoms

If you are suffering from troubling symptoms due to menopause, you may want to consider eating more of this fresh vegetable that is popular in the Mediterranean part of the world and part of the Mediterranean diet.

Menopause is an inevitable part of a women’s life and it may come naturally as a part of aging or suddenly due to surgery.

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Cooking Improves Mushroom Nutrition; Which Method Is Best?

May 22 2017 - 10:44am
Mushroom cooking

Some believe that raw foods are more nutritious for you than cooked, but here is a case that has found otherwise. Mushrooms are one of the many vegetables that actually pack a more nutritious punch cooked than raw.

Mushrooms are a nutritious part of a diet rich in whole plant foods.

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Easy ginger tea recipes for fibromyalgia pain relief

May 22 2017 - 10:25am
Ginger Tea Recipe

Home remedies continue to be a popular way to deal with fibromyalgia. Consider trying these easy ginger tea recipes to help deal with the symptoms of this condition.

Fibromyalgia is a complicated medical condition with multiple symptoms. Many fibromyalgia patients turn to home remedies and treatments to fight the pain, fatigue and other symptoms.

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Targeting loneliness may help you sleep better

May 22 2017 - 9:16am
A lonely woman

Researchers say that there is an association between loneliness and poor sleep quality.

Good quality sleep is important for overall well being. Researchers have recently found there is an association between sleep which is of poor quality and loneliness in young adults.

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2 things you should do that may help keep Lupus flare-ups at bay

May 22 2017 - 5:12am
 2 things you should do that may help keep Lupus flare-ups at bay

Lupus or systemic lupus erythematous is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks healthy tissue including: the skin, joints and many internal organs by mistake. While, the underlying causes of this disease are not fully understood, there 2 things you should do that may help keep Lupus flare - ups at bay.

Lupus disease has three main characteristics: a dysfunctional immune system, chronic inflammation, and a possible link with a viral infecti

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Surprising ways researchers use social media to track disease

May 21 2017 - 12:03pm
Mobile pone and tracking disease

Researchers are turning to social media to track diseases and outbreaks. The next time you post a Tweet or update a Facebook status, you may be part of the data.

Social media is becoming an important part of the fight against common diseases and outbreaks. It is giving researchers an easy way to track health problems and get updates.

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Gluten-free pizza casserole recipe your kids will love

May 21 2017 - 11:59am
gluten free pizza casserole recipe

If you miss pizza but have to follow a gluten-free diet, consider trying this easy pizza casserole recipe. Your kids will love the result, and you will love the easy process to make it.

Pizza can be one of the hardest things to replace on the gluten-free (GF) diet. Although there are prepared options, concerns about cross-contamination are common.

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This Is What Nutrition Confusion Looks Like In America And Getting Clear On What Is Healthy

May 20 2017 - 5:03pm
Nutrition Diet Health

Thanks to the internet, there is no longer only one opinion on what food is nutritious. Multiple opinions on nutrition, it seems, have managed to confuse Americans about what they should and shouldn't eat. Therefore, in searching for the healthiest food for humans to eat beckons a myriad of answers.

What Is The Healthiest Food For Humans To Eat?

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All Cake And Bread Makers Would Love This Heavy Duty Dough Mixer Lift

May 20 2017 - 4:50pm
Full Height Base Cabinet Heavy Duty Mixer Lift

If you make bread or decorate cakes daily I am pretty sure everyone would love to have a heavy duty dough mixer lift like this.

This is a Rev-A-Shelf full height base cabinet heavy duty mixer lift that not only lifts your heavy duty dough mixer, but also allows you to create a unique storage solution for appliances.

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12 Life Hacks for Easy Urban Gardening With Videos

May 20 2017 - 2:31pm
Gardening planters

Gardening doesn’t have to be done on a massive scale to provide food, herbs and home remedies. Urban gardening has grown in popularity for the last decade, and is even taught in some high schools. Here are some great life hacks you may not have considered to grown your own urban garden.

Life hack number 1 – Bucket gardening. Just about everyone has room for a bucket where they live. You can grow tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, just about anything.

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Author Takes Greek Meatball Soup Recipe and Turns It Keto Friendly With Small Changes

May 20 2017 - 11:32am
Keto Greek Meatball Soup

Soups are good for your health regardless of your diet because they digest easier and don't put too much pressure on your digestive system. Learn how to to make a Greek Meetabel Soup, which is also good if you are on a Keto diet. Also see how she turned this Mediterranean soup into a Keto friendly recipe.

If you love the Mediterranean Diet and enjoy the Keto lifestyle take a look at this Greek Meat

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9 Creative Uses of Old Encyclopedias and How To Repurpose Them

May 20 2017 - 10:32am
Repurpose old encyclopedia book clock

What to do with old encyclopedias and how to repurpose them in creative ways. You have a set of old Encyclopedia and don't use them already for a long time. Why not repurpose them? Here are few ideas on what you can do with them, including donating to those who will benefit from it.

1. Donate Them

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When I Saw This Stuffed Avocado Recipe for Keto Diet I Was Surprised That It Onlly Takes 5 MInutes To Make

May 19 2017 - 10:57pm
Stuffed Avocados

When someone talks about stuffed Avocados, I listen, but when it comes to Keto diet, I listen even more carefully. Especially if the recipe takes only 5 minutes to make. Imagine a stuffed Avocados for Keto lifestyle with mozzarella balls and more. Looks how beautiful this recipe is.

So how can one make this Caprese Stuffed Avocado, that you see in the image.

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Coconut oil will help you lose weight and here is how

May 19 2017 - 9:45pm
Coconut oil will help you lose weight  and here is how

Coconut oil is an edible oil extracted from the kernel or meat of mature coconuts harvested from the coconut palm. It is widely used topically and internally for many conditions because of its antiviral and antibacterial activities. But, consuming coconut oil will not only help you with fighting diseases, because scientists found that coconut oil can also help you lose weight. Here is what researchers observed!

In this open-label pilot study, subjects were given virgin coconut oil (VCO) for four weeks in order to investigate its efficacy

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8 Incredible Mindful Eating Hacks To Help You Lose Weight

May 19 2017 - 12:58pm
mindful eating weight loss health

Being one with your food has been confirmed by new research to help you lose weight. Thinking about your food makes you want to eat less, no matter what food you desire according to study results.

Apparently if your mind is full your belly will feel full too, according to new research.

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Deaths from New Tick Virus Expected to Rise – How to Protect Yourself

May 19 2017 - 12:37pm
Common Wood Tick

A new tick virus that is significantly worse than Lyme disease which is a bacterial infection carried in deer ticks and treatable with antibiotics if caught early is being found in multiple states. Tick diseases are expected to rise this year due to heavy rains and a mild winter. So far, one woman from Maine has died this year of a new viral tick disease called Powassan.

What makes this new virus so dangerous is that it can lead to brain swelling. Initial symptoms may take weeks or months to appear.

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A Baby Aspirin a Day May Decrease Risk of Common Breast Cancer

May 19 2017 - 10:57am
Aspiri and Breast Cancer

Many people take a low-dose aspirin each day to protect their heart. For women, this practice may also be protective against the most common type of breast cancer.

Most breast cancers are hormone receptor-positive – about 70 percent - meaning that the tumors have special proteins inside, called hormone receptors.

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Long-Term Use of Antibiotics May Increase Risk of Colon Cancer

May 19 2017 - 10:34am
antibiotic and colon cancer

Here is another reason you should think carefully about whether you need an antibiotic or not.

Antibiotics are among the most frequently prescribed medications in modern medicine. And they are most definitely useful as they kill bacteria responsible for life-threatening infections.

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Eating nuts may benefit the fight against colon cancer

May 19 2017 - 5:59am

Researchers say that the chance of recurrence of colon cancer is dramatically decreased in people who eat nuts.

There has been an established association between dietary factors and colon cancer. Researchers have determined that nuts rank well as a beneficial food in dealing with colon cancer.

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New Drug Delivery Trial Using Spherical Nucleic Acids and Nanoparticles Provides Hope for Glioblastoma Patients

May 18 2017 - 11:26pm
Spherical Nucleic Acid Gold Nanoparticle

A new classification of drugs, spherical nucleic acids attached to nanoparticles are making headlines and may provide hope for glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) patients as Phase 0 clinical trials begin. The drug is the brain child of researchers at Northwestern University who are collaborating with other scientists at the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University and Northwestern Medicine to study the response in humans.

“Glioblastoma affects about 30,000 people in the US every year and it is incurable with an expected lifespan of 16-18 months,” says lead researcher Dr. Priya Kumthekar, M.D.

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5 scientifically proven natural remedies that heal conjunctivitis (pinkeye)

May 18 2017 - 10:18pm
5 scientifically proven natural remedies that heal conjunctivitis ( pinkeye)

conjunctivitis, also know as pinkeye, is a common condition that is typically caused by adenoviruses. It takes between two to four weeks to clear it and causes: Itchy eyes,tearing, redness, discharge and light sensitivity. However, there are scientifically proven natural remedies that heal conjunctivitis, and have the ability to kill the virus or bacteria that caused it.

The home remedies that heal conjunctivitis must have antiviral and antibacterial activities, as well as be able to help relief the symptoms caused by conjunctivitis.

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3 Alternative Facts About the Keto Diet That Everyone Thinks Are True

May 18 2017 - 9:35pm
ketogenic fatty liver cancer heart disease kidney disease diabetes

While many people rely on the Ketogenic diet to lose weight or regain their health, many are unknowingly causing harm to their body, according to research.

The Keto diet is a trendy diet used by medical doctors that involves drastically reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing it with high amounts of fat.

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Exercise Improves Cancer Treatment by Combatting Fatigue

May 18 2017 - 2:58pm
Exercise and Cancer Treatment

Fatigue is one of the most common and distressing side effects of cancer and its treatment. It is more than just feeling a little tired. Cancer-related fatigue interferes with the ability to do what we might think of as simple things – getting dressed, eating, etc.

There are many causes of cancer-related fatigue, which can be due to either the cancer itself, the treatment, or both.

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