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Here eMaxHealth reviews the latest health and medical gadgets used in the healthcare industry. These gadgets are reviewed to help our readers to understand how they can help to improve or maintain your health. If you have a health device or an electronic gadget or a health product that you would like to be reviewed at eMaxHealth.com please send us an email using the contact information below this page and we will contact you about the next steps. Here you will get expert reviews of medical devices and health gadgets.

Safe drinking? Try iBreath Alcohol Breathalyzer

A breathalyzer for your ipod touch or iphone is now available as iBreath Alcohol Breathalyzer. Just breathe into this nifty attachment and you can find out if you are safe to drive after a night of alcohol. Since women metabolize alcohol at different rates than men, sometimes after as few as two drinks the blood levels may be over the legal driving limit. No more guessing with the ibreath. For $80, this is a great Christmas gift.

Honda Walking Assist Device Supports Bodyweight

Honda unveiled its second experimental walking assist device that helps support bodyweight to reduce the load on the user's* legs while walking, going up and down stairs, and in a semi-crouching position. Honda will now begin testing the device in real-world conditions to evaluate its effectiveness.

Bodybugg: How Many Calories Burned Per Day

With the rise of obesity in USA BodyBugg helps to keep track of the number of calories one can burn day by day, minute by minute.

Many people lose weight by exercising and running. In other words, one may call this type of weight loss a traditional one or old way. However, a new device called BodyBugg helps to count calories in a new way. BodyBugg is tied to your arm and helps to measure skin temperature, air temperature, motion and perspiration.