How to Make a Good Cup of Coffee

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Cup of Coffee

There is one thing that most adults love first thing in the morning, a cup of good coffee. Nothing tastes better than a hot coffee, that is made well. There are a few things that go into great tasting coffee.

First off, is the coffee grind, this is very important for a number of reasons. For starters you should realize that the finer the coffee grind, the more flavor that can be extracted from the same volume. It's important to buy the grind as fine as possible, or if you own your own coffee grinder that you grind it properly.

It is also important for you to follow the instructions outlined with your coffee maker or espresso machine. You should measure the water and coffee according to the number of cups you need to make, this will ensure you are adding the right amount of water in conjunction with the coffee grind. Another tip to consider, that many people don't realize is that if you reheat your coffee it will have a bitter taste. Coffee always tastes best when it is freshly made, reheating it the next day will give you less than favorable results.


I was mentioning the right amount of water to use, but it's also to important to use the right type of water. To get the best possible taste, you should use cold water that has been filtered through a water filter. Some people recommend actually using ice when brewing coffee, this is also supposed to enhance the flavor, never tried it myself though.

After the coffee is brewed, you add sugar but how much and what type? I recommend using light brown rather than refined white sugar, personally I think it gives the coffee a more enhanced flavor. Some people enjoy a little bit of milk in their coffee, make sure to warm up the milk, cold milk detracts from the hot coffee experience.

I have also read that adding just a pinch of salt to the coffee grounds will actually enhance the coffee flavor, this method is supposed to take out the bitterness out of your coffee. I haven't used that tip as of yet. Remember to clean your coffee machine thoroughly after after each and every use this will also give you a better tasting cup of coffee.

Lastly, the type of coffee bean you choose is very important. The coffee beans that you choose should be well roasted, not burned. For the best results I prefer to use 100% arabica beans, but this is just personal preference more than anything.

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