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Coffee and Caffeine

Brew Quest Coffee Basics 101: Easy Cold Brew Coffee Recipe And What is a Life Worth?

Cold brewing coffee in your kitchen.

Here’s an easy cold brew coffee recipe and instructions from a Consumer Reports expert who says, “All you need is some ground coffee, a couple of jars, and a coffee filter.” Plus, a discussion in Coffee Talk linking to what experts have to say on “What is a Life Worth?” when talking about “The Greater Good” philosophical issue.

Cardiologists Reveal the Heart Healthiest Way to Brew Your Coffee

Filtered coffee is healthier than unfiltered coffee study says.

Past research has shown that unfiltered coffee contains compounds that can increase blood cholesterol. Until now, however, it was unknown if choosing unfiltered coffee over filtered coffee really does contribute to heart attacks and premature deaths. Here’s the answer after decades of data collection with a new follow-up study.