Spread the Word About Breast Cancer Prevention with new AICR Pack

AICR Breast Cancer Prevention Pack

During October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, many professional groups will be offering health fairs and patient education seminars to educate women on steps they can take to prevent breast cancer. To support this effort, the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) is offering its most popular materials in a reduced cost bundle called the “Breast Cancer Prevention Pack”.

The AICR, along with the World Cancer Research Fund, reported in 2009 that four lifestyle changes – maintaining an ideal body weight, drinking less alcohol, exercising, and breastfeeding – could prevent 38% of breast cancer cases in the United States every year. This translates into about 70,000 fewer women annually being affected by the disease.


The materials provided in the Breast Cancer Prevention Pack are based on up-to-date science-based information and help women to pinpoint personal strategies to reduce individual risk. These materials include:

• “Reducing Your Risk of Breast Cancer” – an overview of breast cancer prevention, including risk factors, early detection, and the role of diet
• “The Facts About Alcohol” – information on how alcohol affects breast cancer risk
• “The New American Plate” – a guide that emphasizes the kinds of foods that can significantly reduce the risk of many cancers. It includes recipes and tips for maintaining a healthy weight.
• “AICR Guidelines Magnet” – developed to help women remember their daily physical activity
• “BSE Shower Card” – a waterproof reminder for breast self-exams that can be hung in the shower.

The AICR Breast Cancer Prevention Pack is priced approximately 25% lower than ordering each item individually. The pack of 25 costs $32 plus shipping and handling and can be via the website or by calling (800) 843-8114, ext. 3941, weekdays, 9 to 5 ET.

Another great resource by the AICR is the quarterly newsletter which explains current research, provides recipes and menu ideas for healthy eating, and offers practical advice to lower cancer risk. You can request a free subscription here.