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A Running Shoe May Soon Be Available to Help Prevent Injury

A running shoe

Over the past decade, the number of runners in the United States has grown by 70 percent! Unfortunately, each year a significant number of us will become injured.


Last year in the US, 42 million people went out for a run at least six times. Participation in running events has increased by 70%. One 1992 study found, however, that the incidence of injury increases as runners run more – about 2.5 to 12.1 injuries per 1000 hours of running. Most injuries – 50 to 75% - occur because of overuse.

The RUNSAFER System is a device that consists of a microelectronic system that gathers biomechanical parameters of a runner’s technique. The information is then transmitted to a mobile device which can provide real-time feedback, including level of performance and suggestions to change the running pattern for improvement. It can also let you know if it is time to stop running because it detects a high risk of injury.

Through a web portal, the information gathered will generate a personalized training plan as well as provide recommendations for running technique plus tips on warm up and cool down. The device can also provide information on appropriate nutrition.

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The RUNSAFER system is not yet available as it is going through final testing and validation. However, you can learn more about the Project at http://www.runsafer.eu/

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