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Quick Wedding Weight Loss Can Be Dangerous


According to a Fitness Magazine survey of 1,000 brides, 83% want to shed weight before their wedding, and many were prepared to take drastic action to achieve their goal. Dr. Jennifer Morrow, a cardiologist who lost 75 pounds for her own wedding, calls it “fear of the white dress.” Others call it “brideorexia”. But it’s not just the bride. Grooms, mothers and fathers of the wedding couples and even the maid/matron of honor and best man all try to look their best for the big day – but what are the consequences?

Most recently, some reports have suggested that Bill Clinton used the Cabbage Soup Diet to lose the 15 pounds that his daughter Chelsea requested before her own wedding - rumored to be happening this weekend. Recently, the former president acknowledged that he had lost all but 2 pounds of his goal, but did not offer up how he did it.

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A drastic, very low calorie diet (VLCD) such as the Cabbage Soup Diet is just one way brides have admitted to trying to fit into their wedding dress. The 2008 survey found that 43% of brides double their workout time, 41% go on a strict diet, and 14% would fast for a week before heading to the altar. Another 36% would consider weight loss pills and supplements to drop the pounds. Some have even resorted to bulimia.

“People are spending more money, taking more notice of celebrities, and choosing more revealing dresses than ever,” said Fitness editor-in chief Denise Brodey.

It is only natural that brides, grooms and others in the wedding spotlight want to look their best (after all, the pictures are forever), but resorting to drastic measures such as fad diets or pills for quick weight loss before a wedding is not only dangerous, but it also is a short-term fix. Losing weight the right way can help the happy couple live healthier “till death do us part.”

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During all of the wedding planning, which typically lasts for six months to a year, brides and grooms should also set up a “personal health plan” to look – and feel – their best for the big day:
• Begin your healthful lifestyle change as a couple. Those who receive support for their efforts are usually more successful.
• Join a gym or hire a personal trainer to keep you on track with a regular schedule of physical activity. Remember to include both cardiovascular and strength training at least three to four days per week.
• Visit a nutritionist or dietitian for a healthful eating plan.
• On your own, eat smaller portions and choose leaner, lower-calorie foods, yet do not go under 1200 calories per day to ensure proper nutrition.
• Beware of liquid calories. Engagement parties and other pre-wedding celebrations often include alcohol – the calories add up quickly.
• On the honeymoon, enjoy yourself and don’t fret about the couple of pounds you might add back. If you have established the habit of exercise and a healthful diet in your daily lifestyle, you will bounce back quickly.



he did the hcg diet, and it is not dangerous. the hcg burns your abnormal fat, it is actually much healthier than eating at McDonald's all the time! it's not a fad.
How effective is the HCG diet? Is that a good plan for an average weight loss?