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Prevent Your Diet Plan from Failing with Simple Advice

quick diet plan

Why did your diet plan fail last time? It is likely that you have not chosen a diet that fits with your lifestyle.


Most of us tackle weight loss with a vengeance – setting off on a super strict diet and brutal exercise plan. The problem? We tend to burn out too quickly and then “fall off the wagon.” Researchers with Baylor University have confirmed what we already know – to be successful in weight loss, one must adopt a lifestyle change – not a short-term fad diet.

Meredith David PhD says “Instead of creating rules to avoid one’s favorite treats, dieters should focus on eating healthy foods that they enjoy.” For example, when you kick off a diet saying “I’m never eating ‘X’ again” – your diet is immediately set up for failure. It is possible to create a plan around your favorite foods – either by making simple ingredient changes or by simply eating a smaller portion planned carefully into your day.

Dr. David stresses to individuals to find a diet plan that enhances health and well-being. Don’t focus on the harder path of avoiding foods or certain classes of foods. Remember that all food groups have nutritional qualities that are beneficial to health. Carbohydrates provide energy, fat provides satiety, and protein helps maintain lean body tissue.

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Most people make the mistake of following a diet plan that eliminates one of these groups of foods. All foods can fit into your diet. They key is adjusting the frequency in which you eat them and the portion size that you serve yourself.

"Frequent attention is given to health advice surrounding well-intentioned lists of 'magical' foods that everyone should eat or practically 'poisonous' foods that people should avoid consuming," David said. "The next time you decide to go on a diet or seek to improve your health by altering your food consumption, opt for strategies that focus on including healthy foods in your diet, and focus specifically on those healthy foods that you really enjoy eating."

A successful diet plan is one that you can live with for the rest of your life. Choose a diet plan that allows you to have foods that you enjoy. Learn more about incorporating healthy foods into your diet instead of setting strict limits that make you unhappy. Allow yourself the occasional treat and do not feel guilty about it afterwards.

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Photo Credit: User:pfctdayelise via Wikimedia Commons